woman who won lottery now broke

This is What Former Lottery Winner is Doing Now

If you had one wish what would it be? Probably, a good number of people would choose to win the lottery. With all that money it sure would be great to buy a new house, drive a fancy car or own a private jet.

The stars lined up in 2015 for Marie Holmes, a poor single mother, who won the North Carolina Powerball lottery that was worth a cool $188 million dollars. However, after a series of events that cost Holmes a lot both financially and emotionally, she made may have wished that she never won the lottery in the first place.

Nobody Better Deserved to Win the Lottery

Nobody deserved to win the lottery more than Marie Holmes. At the time, Holmes was a 26-year-old single mother who worked two jobs to support her four children. It was difficult to work both at McDonald’s and WalMart, but she did whatever it took to take care of her children.

Shortly before Holmes hit the jackpot, she had to leave both jobs as one of her children was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Caring for four children is tough for any couple, especially if one of them has a debilitating disability, but for a single mother the pressure was nearly unbearable. All she wished for was to take care of her children, and now she wasn’t able to hold on to her jobs to provide for them.

One Lucky Day Her Wish Came True

In February 2015, the North Carolina Powerball jackpot was at $564 million dollars, so she got herself a ticket for a few dollars at the local gas station. Not long after she got back to her trailer home, did she find out that she held the winning ticket.

When asked how she felt after winning, Holmes said, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw the ticket and checked it”. Because two other people also had winning tickets, Holmes only won a third of the jackpot.

Not so Fast

What is the most you have ever won on a lottery ticket? Fifty dollars? A hundred dollars? Because the vast majority of lottery wins are nothing life-changing, the lottery commission authorizes the places that sell lottery tickets to pay winnings up to $599 dollars. All big winners, such as Marie Holmes who had just won $188 million needed to go through a long process to claim their winnings.

Lottery winners need to fill out paperwork to verify the magic ticket, then there is a waiting period for the funds to be dispersed, and lastly, winners need to decide whether they want the money in a lump sum or to receive it in installments over thirty years.

A Millionaires Choice

The hardest choice fan overnight multi-millionaire has is whether to take their millions in a lump sum payment or spread it out over a set period of years. Marie Holmes had the option of taking the $188 million spread out over the thirty years or take the lump sum of $127 million dollars. It’s actually not an easy choice as you may think, because the lump payment is worth significantly less. According to experts, it makes financial sense to take the whole lump sum provided and invest it, because with interest it would be more profitable over a thirty period than what the lottery commission offers.

We don’t usually hear about the ones that take the spread out payments, probably because most don’t. If you are lucky enough to beat the improbable odds, then you probably would take the one big oversized check as Holmes did.

Here comes Uncle Sam

Still, from nothing to $127 million isn’t too bad, even though it is a $51 million dollar difference. It makes sense because $1 million is unfathomable to most of us, so $127 million doesn’t look that much different than $188 million. Little did Holmes know that the deductions didn’t end there.

Lottery winnings are taxed as if it were income, both on the federal and state level. On lump sums, the State of North Carolina takes 5.8% and the Federal Government takes a minimum of 25%. Sometimes they can take up to 39.6% if the winnings qualify for the highest tax bracket. Depending on how Ms. Holmes was taxed, she may have had to pay up to $50 million dollars on her winnings.

Noble Plans

Have you ever get asked what you would do if you won a million dollars? Many people might say commendable things such as; donating money to charity, helping out relatives and friends, and investing it wisely. Holmes wasn’t different than any one of us, as she planned to put the money to noble causes. She pledged to donate money to her church, move out of their trailer to a proper house, and to set up college funds for her children.

Emplaning her decisions, Holmes told NBC news station after winning “All the struggle that I ever went through, it was all for them. I want them to understand that money doesn’t change you, but it can help you.”

Nobody Saw it Coming

Ms. Holmes was described as a person who understood the value of a dollar according to her friends and family. After all, she was a single mother who worked two jobs at McDonald’s and Wal-Mart to support her four children; one of whom had cerebral palsy. Even though she now had the ability to own a fleet of planes from her lottery winnings, nobody thought she would take it for granted.

Despite all of this, money changes people, especially if it is a case of rags to riches. The person who everyone believed deserved it the most soon would be the one everyone turns on.

Winner Beware

Winners of the lottery need financial counselors much more than already established multi-millionaires who already know how to invest money wisely. With that much money, it seems impossible to ever blow it, but as many financial experts will say that; if it is not properly invested than even this mind-boggling amount of money can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Ms. Holmes understandably had to do things that benefited herself and her children’s standard of life. But there were some very dubious decisions that she made that made her go down the wrong road

The frivolous spending began when she bought her boyfriend, LaMar McDow, a $15,000 diamond laced Rolex. What seems like a penny in a bucket to the amount she won was actually the tip of the iceberg of what her boyfriend ended up taking from her. McDow only has a hundred dollars in his bank account when he was arrested in 2014, and now he had a girlfriend that has the ability to bail him out no matter what the cost.

Denying the allegation that Ms. Holmes spent $21 million on his bails, McDow said, ‘’So many people are going on that she has paid $21 million to get me out of jail, but that ain’t true. It is just 10 percent”.

A New House

McDow used to live with Ms. Homes and the four children in her trailer before being sent to jail in 2014. When he was released from jail, McDow moved into the $350,000 home that Ms. Holmes bought after winning the lottery, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The report also shed light on how much money Ms. Holmes actually received from the lump sum that she decided to take. After taxes, she received $88 million which is a far fetch from the original $188 million dollars she won. Again, for someone that comes from rags to riches $88 million is still a mind-boggling amount of money, but Ms. Holmes would soon learn that a loss of $100 million dollars makes a big difference.

Can I Borrow Some Money?

What happens next happens is unsurprising. After Ms. Holmes became famous for her lottery winnings, friends, family, and many others were calling her to borrow some money or for a straight up handout. After all, what’s $10,000 for a good friend? What’s a new home for an aunt that bought your favorite toy in preschool?

The couple was constantly beleaguered for their money, even though their friends and family were coming to her with good intentions. It got to the point that every time McDow fielded a call, Holmes would say to him “when money comes there are more problems’’. How right she was.

Wrong Neighborhood

After the big jackpot win, Ms. Holmes and her boyfriend who were persons of color moved out of their trailer home into a very expensive home in an affluent white neighborhood. Sadly, racial prejudice is still alive and well in the world, and the couple was constantly harassed by their neighbors both subtly, and not so subtly.

“One neighbor set up a camera to record everything we were doing. If I was driving down the road and going at the speed limit, they would wave at me for going too fast. They did not want us there. They were prejudiced,” McDow told the Daily Mail.

Tithe to The Church

The Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church was Ms. Holmes’s sanctuary ever since she was a kid. She took the church’s teachings to heart and tried to exemplify them in her day to day life. To display her gratitude to God and the church, Ms. Holmes pledged 10%, also known as a ‘tithe’, of her winnings to charity.

Perhaps if Ms. Holmes was able to claim her winnings anonymously, and kept a secret of her charitable donations, then no one would have been able to take advantage of her good heart. Unlike other states, all big lottery winners names are published for the public record in North Carolina by law.

Getting the Ball Rolling

Ten percent of $88 million dollars is a lot of cash, and even the noblest institutions could use that staggering amount of money for unnecessary things. Still, Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church was a strong pillar in her life, and according to a press release, “The first thing she promised was to tithe – or give a tenth of her winnings to charity.”

To get things started she donated $700,000 to the church that she and her family have gone to for years. The church used the money for long overdue needed repairs.

Pastor with An Agenda

A pastor, named Kevin Mathews, who was not affiliated with Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church started to get involved with Ms. Holmes and her family. Even though they did not know him before they won the lottery, the pastor claimed that ”God led him to them”. They believed him, and invited him to their home for ministerial services and to help McDow make better life decisions.

Pastor Mathews felt comfortable enough to ask Ms. Holmes for one and a half million dollars to help him build a retreat. The pastor says that even though the agreement was never put in writing, Ms. Holmes did agree verbally to give him the money. Rather than wait, Pastor Mathews went on to build the retreat with his own money.

Pastor with A Lawsuit

Pastor Mathews came out publicly with the intention to sue Ms. Holmes for $10 million dollars. Where he got that figure from remains a mystery considering the resort cost only 1.5 million. It’s clear though that he was trying to get a large portion of the 10% of Ms. Holmes’s winnings that promised to her church and to various other charities.

Considering nothing was put in writing, Kevin Mathews didn’t have much of a case. Brazenly Mathews claimed, “Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation”.


When the story hit the headlines, the public was outraged at the nerve of the greedy pastor who was going after a noble church-going woman. People called out the fraudster for what he was, and even a YouTuber published a serious of videos titled “F*** You Kevin Matthews’’.

in most probability, any sane lawyer wouldn’t take up the case because there was no written contract between Ms. Holmes and Pastor Mathews. Dubiously, the pastor refused to give his lawyers name to a reporter because the ‘’motion hasn’t been completed’. Sadly, it seems that the greedy pastor just wanted to vilify Ms. Holmes.

Skeletons in The Closet

What came out next in the news headlines was much more devastating to Ms. Holmes and her four children. Somehow it was picked up that her ex-convict boyfriend was cheating on her. Reports kept creeping in that Ms. Holmes chose to pay off McDow’s mistresses instead of kicking him to the curb.

A video went viral on Facebook where an unnamed woman claimed that not only was McDow cheating on Ms. Holmes was also taking money from her to pay for ‘sexual favors’ from other women.

Seeking Control

It takes an incredible person whether rich or poor to pick themselves up when misfortune falls. Despite all the wealth and the negative headlines, Ms. Holmes found the strength to not give up. The lottery winner turned to an inspirational woman to help her take control of her life again.

With her life spiraling out of control, Ms. Homes made an appearance on the Iyanla: Fix My Life talk show. The show can be found on the Oprah Network which features relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant, a well-known author, motivational speaker, and a life coach.

A Guarded Secret

Some people choose numbers that are considered lucky for their lottery ticket. It’s not uncommon to find people using their child’s birthday or wedding date on the magic ticket that could change their lives forever.

During Ms. Homes appearance on the Iyanla: Fix My Life talk show, her mother made a shocking confession. Fontella was the one who picked the numbers and let her daughter believe that it was her own random numbers that won. “I kept dreaming about your brother that we lost. His birthday, he was the third child, he’d have been 25 that year. Those were the numbers,” she said.

In disbelief, Ms. Homes asked why she didn’t tell her this before? To which her mother answered that ‘’I wanted her daughter and grandchildren to have a better life.’’

The Real Hot Sauce

LaMar McDow is known as ‘Hot Sauce’ by his fellow gang members and was bailed out three times by Ms. Holmes. McDow was Ms. Holmes’s boyfriend before she won the big dollars, and was in jail at the time for drug charges. Right after Ms. Holmes won, she bailed out her boyfriend to the tune of a three-million-dollar bond. Hot Sauce took advantage of her kindness right away by using her money for his own self-gratification.

Not even a year passed and he was arrested again that July. Once again, her kind heart bailed out the gang member for a six-million-dollar bond. Instead of changing his behavior, McDow continued to cheat on Ms. Holmes and use her money for his exploits. Instead of learning from his mistakes, Hot Sauce was arrested for a third time. Instead of letting him rot in jail, Ms. Holmes bailed him out for a whopping twelve-million-dollar bond.

Boyfriend Takes Down Girlfriend

It seemed inevitable that Ms. Holmes would face serious trouble as long as she stayed with McDow. That day came when McDow was arrested the second time when police were summoned to arrest McDow for violating his mandated curfew. When the police came in, they found marijuana in the house, and also charged Ms. Holmes for possession. Sadly, this all took place in front of her children.

Marijuana use has become very common in the United States, but sadly the black community are demonized for it and are three times more likely to get arrested for possession. The legalization of recreational marijuana is only offered in ten states, and the use of medical marijuana is allowed in thirty states. Unfortunately for Ms. Holmes, any forms of use are prohibited in North Carolina.

Not a Happy Camper

The three-time convict was not happy that his girlfriend was being bashed in the newspapers for posting his bail three times. McDow told the Daily Mail, “We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child. This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it.”

“If I had that money then I would do the same for her. People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked in jail,” he said.


In the middle of taping Iyanla: Fix My Life, two more bad things made headlines. After her mother confessed to what happened with the numbers on the lottery ticket, relatives and friends started to accuse Ms. Holmes of stealing the ticket from her mother. It did not matter to them that Fontella said on the show that she gave it willingly.

Ms. Holmes also found out during the taping of the show that her boyfriend was heading back to jail to serve a seven-year sentence for possession and distribution of heroin. Ever since the day her lucky numbers were called so many bad things had befallen her. Most people would break, but not Ms. Holmes.

A Promise Fulfilled

Despite questionable decisions on her part, Ms. Holmes still kept her integrity. She fulfilled her promise of giving 10% of her winnings to various which equated to $9.7 million dollars. Part of the tithed money was used to set up a charitable foundation in North Carolina called The Marie Holmes Foundation.

The foundation is mirrored after her life’s experiences before winning the lottery. As a single mother who worked two very low wage jobs, it was very difficult for Ms. Holmes to provide for her four children, especially with the medical bills for the child that has cerebral palsy. The Marie Holmes Foundation provides for underprivileged children and struggling families. The charity often holds large events where school supplies and toys for the holiday season are given out.

Isn’t She a Christian

Ms. Holmes is a devout Catholic which could make it strange to some that she even bought a ticket, because the Christian church frowns upon gambling. But it’s hypocritic to believe so according to one pastor who told the Christian Post, “You can’t be against the lottery, but your youth department is doing a RAFFLE! Same thing pastor. SAME THING!”

“You can’t be against the lottery and you have a prize of $500 for whoever brings the most people on family and friends day,’’ he said.

Money Is the Devil

In the same article in the Christian Post, another pastor cited biblical sources that indicated that money is the source of evil, “Now, having said that, let me tell you that the biblical principles that would dissuade a Christian from gambling are several. First, we must guard against our love of money.’’

“In Scripture, there are instances of casting lots but usually not for material gain. It rather emphasizes the sovereignty of God. For example, Proverbs 16:33 says ‘’The lot is cast into the lap but it’s every decision is from the Lord,” he said.

A Word of Advice

In this story, Ms. Holmes went from rags to riches in a very short period of time, and a few good things and many bad things followed suit. If you happen to win big in the lottery, we suggest to read this story first and take it to heart. Make sure you understand the tax laws and processes before opting to take the lump sum, make sure the ticket is signed by you to avoid accusations of theft, and make sure cash the ticket in before it expires.

Another word of advice. It’s ok to use the money to improve your quality of life, but make sure to hire a good financial advisor who understands the financial market. Such an advisor will be able to provide you with sound instruction on how to protect your money.

Lessons learned

Chances are you aren’t going to win the lottery a second time. Be careful, because even though millions seem impossible to blow in one lifetime; it can happen in a blink of an eye. Besides the government taking a big chunk of your money, unpaid debts can bring you down real fast.

Lastly, expect to be harassed by family members, friends, and even strangers. It’s wise to not flaunt your money in peoples faces, and try to stay as anonymous as possible when helping other people out.

This is What Former Lottery Winner is Doing Now If you had one wish what would it be? Probably, a good number of people would choose to win the lottery. With all that money it sure would be great

The Biggest Lottery Winners: Where are They Now? [Updated Oct 2019]

Most of us imagine that all lottery winners live happily ever after, but that simply isn’t the reality for a lot of them. Even with hundreds of millions at their disposal, the biggest jackpot winners are still regular people. And that means they still have their own problems to deal with like the rest of us.

For many of these people, winning the lottery wasn’t the golden ticket they’d imagined it to be. Some may have had better luck than others, but for the most part, these stories prove that having loads of money doesn’t exempt you from life’s challenges.

In this mega list of lottery winners, we’ve compiled the record-breaking jackpots from the most popular lotteries across the world. Find out who the biggest winners are, and what each one has been up to since claiming their prize.


Mega Millions

Here are the record-breaking jackpots from the biggest lotteries around the world:

Powerball USA
Jackpot Amount Date of Drawing Winner(s) Location
1. $1.58 Billion January 13, 2016 John and Lisa Robinson;
Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt;
Marvin and Mae Acosta
2. $768.4 Million March 27, 2019 Manuel Franco Wisconsin
3. $758.7 Million August 27, 2017 Mavis Wanczyk Massachusetts
4. $687.8 Million October 27, 2018 Robert Bailey
Lerynne West
New York;
5. $590.5 Million May 18, 2013 Gloria McKenzie Florida
Mega Millions
1. $1.53 Billion October 23, 2018 Anonymous winner South Carolina
2. $656 Million March 30, 2012 Merle and Patrica Butler;
A group known as “The Three Amigos”;
Anonymous winner
3. $648 Million December 17, 2013 Ira Curry;
Steve Tran
4. $543 Million July 24, 2018 Group of 11 coworkers California
5. $536 Million July 8, 2016 Anonymous couple Indiana
1. €190 Million October 8, 2019 Anonymous winner United Kingdom
2. €190 Million August 10, 2012 Adrian and Gillian Bayford United Kingdom
3. €190 Million October 24, 2014 Anonymous winner Portugal
4. €190 Million October 6, 2017 Anonymous winner Spain
5. €187 Million June 7, 2013 Anonymous winner;
Anonymous winner

Top 5 Largest Lottery Jackpots from the USA

Starting at the very top, the five largest jackpots ever won in US lottery history are:

  1. $1.58 billion for the January 13, 2016 Powerball draw. Split between John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt from Florida, and Marvin and Mae Acosta from California.
  2. $1.54 billion for the October 23, 2018 Mega Millions draw. Won by an anonymous woman from South Carolina.
  3. $768.4 million for the March 27, 2019 Powerball draw. Won by Manuel Franco from Wisconsin.
  4. $758.7 million for the August 27, 2017 Powerball draw. Won by Mavis Wanczyk from Massachusetts.
  5. $687.8 million for the October 27, 2018 Powerball draw. Split between Robert Bailey from New York, and Lerynne West from Iowa.

Learn more about those wins and what the winners have been up to in the sections below.

Powerball Biggest Lottery Winners

$1.58 Billion Powerball Jackpot Winners

The largest ever lottery jackpot in history, the $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot back in January 13, 2016 was split between three winning ticket-holders.

Two of the winning ticket holders, couple John and Lisa Robinson, and 70-year old Maureen Smith, came forward and claimed their winnings not long after the draw. However, it took the third ticket holders, Mae and Marvin Acosta, over 6 months to come forward and claim their prize.

All three ticket holders opted to go for a lump sum payment and took home $327.8 million each, before taxes.

John and Lisa Robinson ($327.8M Won)

Where are they now?

Since winning the Powerball, John and Lisa Robinson have upgraded to a multi-million dollar home, complete with home theater and a private lake. Other than the noteworthy house, they’ve kept out of the headlines.

Tip on picking winning lottery numbers

On January 13, 2016, couple John and Lisa Robinson won a third of the historic $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot. Like the other two winners, the Robinsons chose to take their winnings as a lump sum, getting $327.8 million before taxes.

Despite their newfound wealth, the couple planned to keep their modest Munford, Tennessee home. John said, “These big fancy houses are nice, but you gotta clean ‘em.” Lisa, meanwhile, said that she wanted to continue working.

2 years after their big win, the Robinsons now live in a $6.2 million 10-bedroom home. Sitting on a 320-acre lot, their luxury home comes with a private lake and some of the best views of Tennessee. More than that, it has eight bathrooms and even a well-equipped home theater. So much for staying in a modest home!

Lisa went back to work the day after they won, but wasn’t treated well. It’s not a surprise then that the Robinsons keep to themselves and ask for privacy. Who could blame them? They’re probably tired of all the strangers and “long lost relatives” asking for a handout!

Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (327.8M Won)

Where are they now?

Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt still buy lottery tickets. Other than a few luxury buys, the couple have kept up their old routines.

Unlike the Robinsons, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt have continued living a modest lifestyle after their Powerball win. Save for a $90,000 Tesla and a new SUV, the couple haven’t splurged with their winnings. They still live in their $300,000 home in Florida (Florida is also home to one of the largest state lotteries) and frequent the same shops and restaurants.

They also go about their daily routine as if nothing big had happened. In fact, despite winning a lump sum of $327.8 million (before taxes), the couple still plays the Powerball!

Marvin and Mae Acosta ($327.8M Won)

Where are they now?

The Acostas stayed quiet before claiming their jackpot, and they’ve kept up the silence since. Scammers tried to take advantage of their charity plans, so we can only assume the Acostas have opted to keep their philanthropy private.

Marvin and Mae Acosta, the final third of 2016’s $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot winners, have stayed quiet since their big win. It shouldn’t be a surprise: the pair laid low for over 6 months before claiming their prize. The Acostas didn’t want any publicity then, and nothing has changed after 2 years!

Today, the Acostas are still keeping a low profile. Their plan to stay out of the public eye seems to be the right call: once they shared their plans to create a charity, scammers went to work. People began receiving obvious scam letters claiming to be from the Acostas. There was even a website called AcostaFoundation that ripped off the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website!

$768.4 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner, Manuel Franco ($326M Won)

Where are they now?

There has been no official word about Manuel Franco since he came forward to claim his prize.

Manuel Franco, a resident of Milwaukee, came forward last April 23, 2019 to claim the third-largest jackpot in lottery history. He opted for the single lump sum of $477 million, and will take home about $326 million after taxes. He purchased his ticket from the Speedway store in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Franco won the March 27, 2019 drawing with the numbers 16, 20, 37, 44, and 62, with Powerball number 12.

$758.7 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner, Mavis Wanczyk ($336M Won)

Where are they now?

Mavis Wanczyk quit her job and retreated from the public eye. When she claimed her prize, Wanczyk said she wanted to be alone and figure out what to do next – and it looks like she did just that.

Mavis Wanczyk was the sole winner of the August 27, 2017 draw of the US Powerball. With nobody to split the prize with, the 50-something mom from Massachusetts took home a lump sum of $336,350,655 after taxes.

Not long after, Mavis quit her job at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield. However, her current whereabouts and her status are both unknown. And that’s actually part of her plan!

Post-win, Mavis said that she’d rather be alone, hide in her bed, and think about what she wanted to do next. Judging by the lack of any news about her, it looks like she got her wish!

Scammers did try to use Mavis’ name, but authorities and the media quickly caught on.

$687.8 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners

Robert Bailey ($343.8M Won)

Where are they now?

Robert Bailey seems to have stuck to his plan to be smart about protecting his newfound wealth. There has been very little news about his current status, and in the world of lottery winners, that’s usually a good sign.

Robert Bailey from New York won half of the $687.8 million jackpot for Powerball’s October 27, 2018 drawing. He took home about $125 million after federal and state taxes.

After claiming his prize, Bailey revealed in a press conference that he had hired the help of a lawyer and financial adviser to guide him through his new life as a millionaire.

Interestingly, Bailey claimed that the winning combination he used to win the jackpot was one he’d been playing for more than 25 years. He later said that he would still continue playing the same numbers even after his big win.

Lerynne West ($343.8M Won)

Where are they now?

Single mom Lerynne West from Iowa seems to be doing good with her wealth – not just financially, but also in the philanthropic sense.

Lerynne West retired from her job in the insurance industry soon after her win. She later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she pledged to donate $500,000 to the Travis Mills Foundation.

With the help of her family and a newly hired wealth manager, West set up the Callum Foundation in honor of her grandson. The charitable foundation provides financial support to organizations that work towards improving children’s education, health, animal welfare, and veteran affairs.

$590.5 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner, Gloria MacKenzie ($278M Won)

Where are they now?

Gloria McKenzie replaced her rundown apartment with a seaside mansion and donated $2 million for a Maine high school’s repairs.

In May 2013, Gloria MacKenzie, an 84-year-old from Zephyrhills, Florida hit the $590.5 million jackpot with nobody else to split the prize. As the sole winner, MacKenzie took home a sizable $278 million after taxes.

After her big win, MacKenzie bought a seaside mansion worth $1.2 million in Jacksonville, Florida – a big upgrade from her run-down $30,000 rental apartment. MacKenzie also donated a cool $2 million to a Maine high school that needed new roofing. The generous grandmother also pledged to share her winnings with her son, Scott.

How is the Powerball winner is doing now? It’s hard to tell: her family has requested for privacy, and there has been no news since.

$587.5 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners

Two winners shared the pot when their tickets won on November 28, 2012: couple Cindy and Mark Hill of Missouri, and a then 37-year old Matthew Good of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Cindy and Mark Hill ($136.5M Won)

Where are they now?

Cindy and Mark Hill have maintained their modest lifestyles, spending most of their money funding civic projects and charity work in their Missouri hometown.

In November 2012, Cindy and Mark Hill won half of the $587.5 million Powerball jackpot. Like Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt, the Hills have continued living modestly since their win.

For instance, Mark still gets his morning coffee at the local convenience store. He’s also chosen a modest pickup truck over the Camaro sports car he had been eyeing.

But that doesn’t mean the Hills haven’t been using their winnings. Before hitting the Powerball jackpot, the Hills had already donated to civic projects in their hometown of Camden Point, Missouri. Now, with millions of Powerball winnings in the bank, the Hills’ generosity seems to have multiplied by tenfold!

Camden Point has the couple to thank for their new fire station and a new ball field. The Hills also gave more than $50,000 so the town could buy a site for building a new sewage treatment plant. Finally, the Hills also pledged a large amount to North Platte High School’s scholarship fund.

It isn’t clear what the Hills have been up to since then. But given their philanthropic ways, it’s a good bet that they’ve put that $136.5 million prize to good use!

$564.1 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners

On February 11, 2015, it was another case of three winners splitting half of a billion dollars from the Powerball jackot. One of the winners was an anonymous player from Puerto Rico, while the second winning ticket was cashed in by an Andrew Weber, who was claiming it on behalf of a trust in Texas. The third one was single mom Marie Holmes of North Carolina.

Marie Holmes ($188M Won)

Where are they now?

Marie Holmes has used most of her winnings on supporting the people she cares about.

Marie Holmes won one third of the $564.1 million Powerball jackpot back in February 11, 2015. She went with the lump sum option and took home about $127 million before taxes.

Marie used to work at supermarkets and fast food joints to support her children, one of which has cerebral palsy, before her lucky win. She planned on using the money to further support her kids – plus, she also wanted to finish college, support charities, and even buy her mom a new house.

She also donated 10% of her winnings to Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church. After taxes, the charitable contribution amounted to about $1.5 million, which is the largest ever made to a church from a lottery win.

That however, didn’t stop the pastor of the church from suing Marie Holmes for more money – claiming that the lottery winner pledged to donate up to $10 million. Marie Holmes responded by saying that she would honor this agreement.

$487 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners, Anonymous Family from New Hampshire ($256M Won)

For the July 30, 2016 drawing, a family from New Hampshire won the $487,000,000 Powerball jackpot. They opted to go for the $341.7 million cash option, which allowed them to take home $256.3 million after taxes. The family set up a trust so their lawyers could claim the prize for them while they remain anonymous.

The $448.4 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners, Ocean’s 16 ($149M Won)

On August 27, 2013, three ticket holders won the $448,000,000 Powerball jackpot. The first two were Paul White, a Minnesota engineer, and South Brunswick resident Mario Scarnici.

The third, and most notable ticket holder was a group who called themselves Ocean’s 16, as all 16 of them were victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Believe it or not, some of the biggest lottery winners managed to live a modest life despite their new financial status. Here’s what they’ve been up to since their big wins! ]]>