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Win define

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Synonyms & Antonyms for win

Synonyms: Verb

  • conquer,
  • prevail,
  • triumph

Synonyms: Noun

  • palm,
  • triumph,
  • victory

Antonyms: Verb

  • lose

Antonyms: Noun

  • beating,
  • defeat,
  • drubbing,
  • licking,
  • loss,
  • overthrow,
  • rout,
  • shellacking,
  • trimming,
  • whipping
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Examples of win in a Sentence

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First Known Use of win

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a

1862, in the meaning defined above

History and Etymology for win

Middle English winnen “to strive, struggle, obtain by exertion, earn with labor, gain, triumph,” going back to Old English winnan “to labor, strive,” going back to a Germanic verb base *wenu̯- (whence Old Saxon winnan “to struggle, suffer, acquire,” Old High German, “to labor, struggle, rage,” Old Norse vinna “to labor, suffer, gain,” Gothic winnan “to suffer”); akin to Sanskrit vanoti “(s/he) demands, strives for, obtains,” vanate “(s/he) shall obtain,” Avestan vanaiti “(s/he) defeats”

Note: According to Rix, et al., Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben (Wiesbaden, 1998), Indo-European *u̯en-, the source of these verbs is distinct from *u̯enH-, the source of Sanskrit vanate “(s/he) likes, takes pleasure in,” Latin venus “physical desire, qualities exciting desire, charm” (see venus).

Win definition is – to get possession of by effort or fortune. How to use win in a sentence.

win ​Definitions and Synonyms ​ ‌ ‌ ‌

present tense
I/you/we/they win
he/she/it wins
present participle winning
past tense won
past participle won

Every time we play tennis , she wins .

The 1970 elections were won by a coalition led by Allende.

Celtic must win by three goals to reach the semifinals .

No matter who wins the war, there will be heavy casualties on both sides.

Why is it that whenever we argue , you always win?

Our skiing team won a gold medal at the Olympics.

He won £4,000 in the lottery last week .

The city has won the right to host the Games .

The bill is winning a lot of support from farmers .

He was never able to win her love .

  • Scotland beat England 1–0.
  • They were thrashed by Manchester United.
  • The home team annihilated the opposition.
  • The home team took a real battering .
  • We hammered them in the final.
  • She slaughtered me last time we played tennis.
  • They suffered a crushing defeat by the Spanish side.
  • They were knocked out of the competition.
  • It was a knockout competition.
  • There was a sudden death play-off for third place.

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Definition of WIN (verb): defeat others by being best or finishing first; get something as prize; succeed in getting something by work or ability ]]>