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Bingo Terms – The Complete Bingo Glossary

Bingo is an extraordinarily social game involving a lot of chatter and interaction with other players. One of the best ways to be able to keep up with conversation is by understanding and knowing the main bingo terms. However if you want to learn more about the game read through our bingo game guide for an overview. If you want to learn about the game in a more in-depth way you can access our bingo rules article. If you’re feeling confident about how to play, we have also listed and explained the more popular to the more obscure bingo terms in this glossary below. This way, you will never have to feel left out of a conversation in the bingo hall or in the chat room online.


30-ball bingo: A smaller and quicker bingo variation played on a 3×3 card where a blackout pattern is the only way to win bingo; it’s also sometimes referred to as speed bingo.

75-ball bingo: The most popular bingo variation which is played throughout the United States and Canada. It is played on a 5×5 grid with numbers that range from 1-75 marked on the bingo card, with a free space in the center of the card. The word ‘BINGO’ is marked at the top of the card, with a letter marking each column.

80-ball bingo: This bingo variation can be found more in online casinos than in a bingo hall. The bingo card is a 4×4 square with numbers that can range from 1-80 marked on it.

90-ball bingo: The most popular bingo variation played in the UK and Australia. The bingo card consists of 9 columns and 3 rows, with numbers that range from 1-90 marked on the bingo card.


Admission Pack: In some bingo halls and casinos there is a minimum requirement of cards to purchase per bingo session. How many cards come in the pack will vary but it’s normally three to six cards. This is also the entry into special bingo games.

After Games: A bingo game which commences after a regular bingo session. This doesn’t apply to online casinos as you can play at any time.

Any way: This is a term which refers to how a bingo pattern can be won. When you have an ‘any way’ bingo pattern that pattern can be won not only right side up but also upside down, turned to the left, or turned to the right.

Auto Daub: When you play online you can choose to have your numbers crossed off automatically for you by the casino software which is called the auto daub function. Players can leave their computers or phone and the game will proceed with their cards in play when the auto daub function is switched on.


Beano: This was the first name for bingo when it was played by children in county fairs in the United States. Beans were used to cross off the number and ‘beano’ was called out when a line was achieved.

Bingo: The modern name of the game which came from the word ‘beano’. Today when you play bingo in the bingo hall, with friends, or in a casino you call out ‘Bingo!’ when you achieve a winning line or pattern, and before the next number is called out.

Bingo Board: When you play bingo in a bingo hall, the last number called out will be shown on a display board called the bingo board. This allows everyone to see the number in case they couldn’t hear it or missed it when it was called out.

Bingo Booklet: If you want to buy a large amount of bingo cards it is more cost effective to buy a booklet, which is a group of cards that you can purchase at a lower cost than if you were buying the same amount of cards separately.

Bingo Card: The marked surface, normally on a piece of paper or cardboard in a bingo hall, where players mark off numbers to form a winning pattern. In 75-ball bingo the card has 5 rows and 5 columns, with a letter at the top of each column spelling out ‘B-I-N-G-O’. There is one free space in the center of the card.

Bingo Marker: The pen used to cross the numbers on the bingo card. Also called a ‘dauber’.

Bingo Ticket: A series of bingo cards which contain all numbers between them – all 75 numbers for 75-ball bingo, 80 numbers for 80-ball bingo, 90 numbers for 90-ball bingo and 30 numbers for 30-ball bingers. Some winning patterns go across a bingo ticket, normally to win a progressive jackpot.

Blackout: A winning bingo pattern in which a player has to mark off every number on the bingo card. Also called ‘coverall’.

Bonanza Bingo: A progressive jackpot ‘blackout’ version of bingo. Depending on the bingo hall 45to 48 numbers are called and marked on the cards. If there is no winner after they call out 48 numbers, the amount of numbers drawn will increase daily until there is a winner. In other casinos or halls they continue drawing until someone wins.

Buy-in: Buying bingo cards in order to start playing.


Caller: The person who will call out the number appearing on the ball as they are drawn throughout the game at the bingo hall.

Card: Same as Bingo Card.

Cash Ball: A progressive jackpot ball which is won by achieving a bingo pattern at the time that the jackpot ball number is drawn.

Chat Comps: These are competitions found directly within the chat rooms of an online bingo casino where players can win additional prizes.

Chat Games: Games that are played within the chat room – separate from the main bingo game occurring at the online casino.

Chat Lingo: Shortened words which are used within the chat room amongst players.

Chat Monitor: The person or entity in charge of monitoring the conversations within the chat rooms and for announcing games and competitions.

Chat Room: In online bingo casinos the chat room is the online space provided for players to interact with each other in an informal way whilst the game is proceeding. This imitates the social part of live bingo which it is famous for.

Consolation Prize: When there is no bingo winner a consolation prize which is less in value than the original prize is given during special games.

Coverall: A winning bingo pattern which requires players to mark off every number on their bingo card. In 30-ball bingo this is the only winning pattern available. Also called ‘blackout’.


Dauber: A particular marker which is normally of ink with a foam tip used by players to mark off numbers called on the bingo card.

Deposits: Money that online casino players put into their online bingo account in order to buy bingo cards and packs.

Diagonal: A winning bingo line where numbers are marked off from corner to corner in a diagonal line.

Diamond: A winning bingo pattern where numbers are marked off in the shape of a diamond with the diamond points being in the center square on all four sides of the card.


Early Bird Bingo: Bingo games which are played before the regular bingo session.


Face: An individual 5×5 bingo card with 24 numbers and a single free space in the middle of the square. Also known as a bingo card.

Fair and Square: A bingo variation where all players have the same amount of tickets in order to make the game fair and equal amongst all players without particular players have the advantage of having more tickets than the rest.

Flimsies: Bingo cards that are printing in groups of three, six or nine on a sheet of wafer thin paper. Also known as ‘Throwaways’. They tend to be cheaper to purchase than regular bingo cards due to the material used for printing.

Four Corners: A winning bingo pattern in which players have to mark off the numbers in each of the four corners of the bingo card.

Free Bingo: A bingo game found in online casinos free of charge where players are able to play without depositing any money. This can be used to practice before paying for bingo cards in an online bingo casino.

Free Space: The square in the middle of a bingo card which has no number on it. The free space is on all bingo cards.

Full House: This is the term for when a player has crossed off every single number on their bingo card – also called ‘blackout’ and ‘coverall’.


G.T.I.: The acronym for GameTech Inc. – the company who made the electronic dauber system called T.E.D that allows players to purchase multiple cards and have them daubed automatically when playing online bingo. .

Game Board: Normally part of the bingo board – an electronic board in a bingo hall which shows the winning patterns valid during a bingo game.

Game Room: In order to control the amount of players playing in a bingo game session online the players are divided into separate game rooms.


Hard Card: These are older, more traditional bingo cards that have shutters over the numbers which players shut to cover the number instead of crossing it off. It’s quite rare to find these as most bingo halls are now using flimsies or players are playing online.

Hardway Bingo: Any winning bingo pattern in which players are not allowed to make use of the free space on the bingo card in order to achieve it.

House: Another way of referring to a casino or gambling facility, including the bingo hall.


Inlaid Cards: Bingo cards that have been built into the table you play on, instead of being sold as cards or tickets on paper.

Instant Bingo: A ticket you can easily break open or that comes in the form of a scratch card. Winning instant bingo cards will have a complete pattern underneath.


Jackpot: A larger than normal prize payout awarded for achieving more difficult patterns such as those that go across a bingo ticket, or a blackout pattern with a specific amount of balls. The pattern must be achieved with a pre-determined amount of bingo balls.

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Wild number bingo

Wild Number Bingo


Special “Wild Number” Feature!
Top prize $20,000!

How to Play

1. Scratch the CALLER’S CARD to reveal 28 Bingo numbers.
2. Scratch the numbers on CARDS 1-4 which match those on the CALLER’S CARD.
3. Scratch the WILD NUMBER spot to reveal the Wild Number.
4. Scratch all numbers on CARDS 1-4 that end with that WILD NUMBER. For example, if the number revealed in the WILD NUMBER spot is 2, then you would scratch 02, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, and 72 on CARDS 1-4 (if the cards contain those numbers).
5. Scratch all four FREE spaces on each CARD. Each FREE space is a free match.

Each player’s CARD has a corresponding prize legend box printed below it. On any one player’s CARD:
*Match all Bingo numbers in a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to win up to $20.
*Match all Bingo numbers in all 4 corners to win up to $500.
*Match all Bingo numbers to make a complete “X” (8 numbers + “FREE SPACE”) to win up to $20,000.

NOTE: A ticket can win only 1 prize on each CARD, but a prize can be won on up to 4 CARDS, provided that each CARD has a winning pattern. Each CARD played separately.

1. Scratch the CALLER'S CARD to reveal 28 Bingo numbers.2. Scratch the numbers on CARDS 1-4 which match those on the CALLER'S CARD.3. Scratch the WILD NUMBER spot to reveal the Wild Number.4. Scratch all numbers on CARDS 1-4 that end with that WILD NUMBER. For example, if the number revealed in the WILD NUMBER spot is 2, then you would scratch 02, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, and 72 on CARDS 1-4 (if the cards contain those numbers).5. Scratch all four FREE spaces on each CARD. Each FREE space is a free match. ]]>