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Is This Just A Big Smelly FreeLotto A Scam

Honestly Think This FreeLotto Is Just One Big Scam. & If You Think This FreeLotto Is Just A Big Smelly Scam Than:

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Strange site – Marketing trick or Real?

Strange site, many bad reviews about the site over the internet telling its scam, no proofs of the winners, the pictures of the site in the winnner category seems very fake. They mass email you that you are having a big chance of wining if you subscribe for them, which is too rude for marketing trick. I don’t know if is real or no. From all reviews on internet it’s more scam that real. Dunno.

FreeLotto is Real

FreeLotto is actually real.
They are owned by an American company called Plasmanet Inc from New York, USA.
They are audited by the top 5 accounting firms and are paying the lottery jackpots for real!
They actually let you play the lottery for free, although I personally prefer to pay them $15 per month and have them register me for all the lotteries on their site on a daily basis, as it saves me lots of time and hassle.

Note: I found few sites that are trying to copy them and use a similar name so be careful that to use one of them.

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