what channel to see powerball drawing

Watch the Powerball Drawing Live

Powerball drawings are broadcast live on television across America every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm EST. The table below shows you which station and channel you need to tune in to for a chance to see the winning Powerball numbers as they are drawn.

If you’re unable to catch the drawing live, head over to the Numbers page to see the latest results, or use the Ticket Checker to find out if you have won a prize in recent draws.

TV Stations

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Watch the Powerball drawings live every Wednesday and Saturday, with a list of TV stations that broadcast the draw in each state available here.

Watch the drawing for Mega Millions and Powerball on TV

If you have bought tickets for the Powerball and/or Mega Millions lottery, then you are certainly looking forward to finding out if your numbers have won. Of course, you can simply come back to our website to look at the results. But watching the drawing live on TV will certainly add to the fun, and of course, if you like the suspension, you do not want to miss it. If you are not in the US, then you have probably bought your ticket online here at In this case, you must always bear in mind that both lotteries are in a different timezone – see below!

When is the Powerball and Mega Millions drawing?

Powerball drawing time is Wednesday and Saturdays 10.59 p.m. (22.59 h) EST, which corresponds to 5.59 p.m. (17.59 h) Central European time

Mega Millions drawing time is Tuesday and Friday 11.00 p.m. (23.00 h) EST, which corresponds to 6.00 p.m. (18.00 h) Central European time

Which TV channels broadcast Powerball and Mega Millions draw?

The draw for both lotteries is broadcast all across the US by a number of TV channels, such as NBC, ABC, Fox, Telemundo, CBS and many more. But if you live in a different country, chances are that you are not getting those channels. But there is another option for lotto fans from countries outside the United States

Check here to find out where and when to watch the Powerball or Mega Millions draw