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Top 7 Video Keno Online Games to Play for Free and for Real Money

Table Of Contents

  • 1. Jackpot Keno
  • 2. Video Keno
  • 3. Keno by Microgaming
  • 4. Kenotronic
  • 5. Monkey Keno
  • 6. Keno Kick Off
  • 7. KenoLab

If you’re in the mood to play video Keno games but don’t know where to start, no worries – you’re on the right page.

Because here I’ve gathered the seven best Keno titles I’ve played online.

In case you have no idea how to play the game, read this article on how to win at video Keno.

Those who have already played their fair share of video Keno can jump straight into the title of their choice – or read this video keno strategy guide for more info on how to become a successful player.

Important: All of these Keno machines are available as demo modes. I suggest you practice free Keno first before betting real money – the same goes for all the other Casino games, be it Slot machines or video Poker.

1. Jackpot Keno

This is the video Keno game for those who want to play practically for free – and still have a chance to win real money.

That’s because the bets here start from €0.01, which is the lowest possible bet in any Casino game – ever.

The grid of this Keno game is the classic one with 80 numbers that go from 1 to 80.

And when you place your stake, you can choose up to 15 lucky numbers you want to bet on.

In case you don’t know which numbers to choose, Jackpot Video Keno will help you – just click the button that says Random and the numbers will be picked for you.

Min. bet €0.01
Max. bet €36

2. Video Keno

If you want an advanced version of video Keno online, look no further – you’ve found it.

Here, you can customize the appearance of the grid, bet on up to 10 numbers, and clearly see the payouts at the left side of the screen.

This game can pay you up to 9,000 times your initial bet (for only 10 numbers!), and that makes it one of the best ones on this list of the top video Keno titles.

Min. bet €0.1
Max. bet €5

3. Keno by Microgaming

The video keno game by Microgaming is the no bullsh*t version.

It’s slick, simple, and straightforward.

In other words – a classic.

To play it, simply make your bet (up to €10) and pick up to 15 numbers. The most you can win in this game is 10,000 coins.

Min. bet €1
Max. bet €10

4. Kenotronic

Play Kenotronic if classic video Keno games bore you – this one definitely won’t.

Because of the upbeat music and futuristic design, of course!

Other than that, this is your typical video Keno title with a table of 80 slots, the possibility to bet on up to 15 numbers, and a turbo mode that makes the gameplay more dynamic.

Min. bet €0.10
Max. bet €20

5. Monkey Keno

Probably the most fun video Keno online title I’ve seen, Monkey Keno manages to turn this classic Casino game into a colorful fiesta.

Open this game, make sure you are not annoyed by the monkey chattering, and start playing.

However, the monkey theme is not the only thing that sets this video Keno title apart.

The game shows you the cold and hot numbers of your gameplay, which might help you with your betting decisions.

Min. bet €0.1
Max. bet €10

6. Keno Kick Off

Keno Kick Off is one of the most creative video Keno games online.

It only has 40 numbers to bet on, the entire grid looks like a football field, and the lucky numbers are revealed as football players.

Play it if you want something unusual, yet familiar.

Min. bet €0.10
Max. bet €20

7. KenoLab

This is yet another classic video Keno game online with creative visuals.

To play the game, place your bet, pick up to 20 numbers. and that’s it!

Min. bet €0.05
Max. bet €20

Here are all the Keno games you need to know about.

Here are all the video Keno games you need to know about. From Jackpot Keno to Monkey Keno, you can play all the games for free. OR – claim a bonus!

Play Keno Online

Lottery drawings are popular just about everywhere in the world. They give players the chance to dream of winning millions just by picking the right numbers, and even if only a few lucky individuals actually win those life-changing sums, the dream of getting their hands on that money is enough to lift any player’s spirits as they wait for the results.

Casinos can’t offer the jackpots worth tens of millions of dollars that national and state lotteries sometimes produce, but they do have the next best thing in their own lottery game: keno. Today, online keno allows gamblers to enjoy new drawings anytime they like, with the potential to win huge sums of money every time a new set of numbers is drawn.

How to Play Keno Online

Online keno is a very easy game to play, especially if you’ve tried a lottery before. In each game, players must choose numbers (also called spots) that they hope will be chosen in the next drawing.

Our simple step by step guide to playing keno online can help get you up to speed with the basic rules of Keno so that you can enjoy your best game. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose an online keno game you like. If you’re new to playing keno online, then playing free keno games gives you a risk-free experience before switching to playing keno for real money at an online casino. When you’re ready, we recommend that you play keno for real money at a secure online casino .
  • Pick your keno numbers (also called spots). When an online keno draw takes place, 20 numbers will be picked in a range between 1 and 80. You can typically make anywhere from one to 15 picks, with different prizes available depending on how many spots you choose to play.

  • Know your best keno odds before placing your bets. It is important to understand how betting odds in Keno affect your chances of landing bigger wins and prizes. For example, if you select just one number and that number is chosen, you might win at 3-1 odds (keep in mind that payouts in this game do not include the return of your initial bet, so on a $1 ticket, this would mean you receive $3, for a $2 profit).
  • Place your bets. Online keno games allow you to easily adjust the amount you want to bet by clicking/tapping the ‘bet’ button on the game screen or the arrows beside it.
  • Decide how many keno games you want to play. In online keno, you need to specify how many games you’d like to play before hitting the ‘Play’ button. So, let’s say you’d like to bet $1 and play three games of keno. This would mean purchasing three keno tickets for a total of $3.
  • Hit play and compare the results to your online keno ticket. Once your spots have been chosen, the results come down to comparing how many numbers match those that appear on your Keno ‘ticket’ (which is the game screen in online keno). If enough Keno numbers have been correctly matched, you can win various cash payouts or prizes, depending on the game in question. In general, the more numbers you hit, the bigger the reward, with perhaps a major Keno jackpot being available if you can match the required number of spots.

Finding the Best Online Keno Site

While it’s not difficult to find a place to play keno online, finding a site you’ll be happy with can feel like more of a challenge. There are a lot of factors that go into finding a great online casino, and not every gambling site offers great keno options for their players.

Obviously, if this is the game you want to play, you’ll want to make sure your casino of choice offers online keno. We also recommend online gambling sites that feature excellent first deposit bonuses that allow you to clear your bonus while playing keno. Our favourite sites also feature an established track record of trustworthy play, great customer service, and a wide selection of other games from the best software providers in the business.

Play Online Keno for Free

Before you try playing online keno for real money, you might want to try a free version of the game. There are a number of reasons for doing this. First, if you’ve never tried keno before, you might want to get familiarized with the game to ensure that you know the rules and the payouts before you play for real. This can also give you a way to test out a particular casino’s software before deciding if you want to play there. Plus, sometimes just playing for fun can be an enjoyable way to relax for a few minutes.

For all these reasons and more, we’ve provided a way to play keno online for free to our readers. The game below will allow you to get a free for how keno works, without any worries about losing any of your hard-earned cash. Feel free to try any combination of bets you like, and come back to this page as often as you want to continue improving your skills!

Online Keno for Real Money

Once you feel comfortable with how online keno works, you’ll probably want to move on to playing for real money. The game gets much more exciting when there’s something riding on every single drawing, adding a lot of drama as you see each number come up on the screen. Playing for real money is also the only way to win real money, giving yourself to win a massive keno payout if you’re lucky enough to choose the right spots at the right time.

When you decide that real money online keno is right for you, it’s easy to get started. You can click through the links on this page to sign up at our pick for the top real money keno online casino. After you’ve opened an account, pick from any of the available deposit options to move money into your account. In a matter of moments, you’ll be playing keno for real cash.

Online Keno Betting Strategy

It should be pretty clear that there is no real strategy in this game, at least when it comes to gameplay. All online keno games use a random number generator for picking the numbers, so there is no way to predict which spots will be chosen, and no way to manipulate the results. You can safely pick whatever lucky or important numbers you want to play without helping or hurting your chances.

There are, however, a few things you might be able to do to get the best odds possible while you play keno online. If payout and return charts are available for the games you are playing, you will probably find out that the returns vary tremendously based on how many spots you pick: obviously, the combinations that offer the highest returns are the best for you to play. Also, some of the best online casinos offer progressive jackpots; when those rewards get especially high, they may tilt the odds in your favour, making those games especially good for you to play.

In addition, there are plenty of ways in which players will try to improve their chances of winning or minimizing losses when luck isn’t in their favour. When it comes to playing keno online, one of the most important of these is simply taking a little time to slow down the pace of play. When you fill out a card in a live casino, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for each drawing to happen. But online, you can make these games happen almost instantly – a feature that’s very tempting, but can easily lead to spending more than you originally meant to.

One of the best general strategies used by online keno players is to avoid playing the maximum number of spots, particularly in games where you have the option of playing ten or more spots. The odds of matching all ten of your numbers are about one in 8.9 million, so even large keno jackpots really aren’t worthwhile at that point. Meanwhile, hitting eight out of eight is an unlikely – but much more reasonable – 1 in 230,000 shot. The less you have to connect with to earn a jackpot, the better.

It’s also worth looking into online keno games that have special bonus rounds or other twists that have the potential to earn you more money than a normal version of this game. This is common at online casinos, where variants on keno can give you the chance to multiply your winnings, earn free plays, or gain additional instant prizes. Of course, you’ll also want to take a look at the pay tables to make sure you’re getting a good deal overall.

Finally, don’t worry too much about the numbers you pick. All online keno games at trustworthy casino sites draw numbers randomly, meaning you can safely play your favourite lucky numbers, a sequence of ten in a row, or something that makes a nice pattern on the card. No matter what you choose, your odds of winning will be the same.

Keno History

The true history of keno is shrouded in mystery, though virtually all historians agree that the game began in China. According to legend, the game was designed as a way for government officials to fund the defence of an ancient city during a time of war, as citizens were more willing to accept a gambling game than taxes. Those same legends claim that keno helped fund the Great Wall of China.

However, the first known modern keno games date back no earlier than the middle of the 19th Century. Portuguese officials in Macau began licensing the game in 1847, when groups played the game using 80 traditional Chinese characters. When immigrants from China began coming to the United States, they shared the game with Americans, who started to make it their own. The first use of the name “keno” for such drawings actually came from Houston, Texas.

Today, keno games can be found in most major casinos, where they are considered a relaxing game that can be played without much thought, while still giving patrons the chance to win large prizes. With the advent of internet casinos, online keno has also become a popular inclusion at gambling sites, with these versions often offering players significantly better odds and faster action than their live counterparts.

Keno is a version of the classic lottery drawings offered at online casinos, where you can win big money just by picking the right numbers. ]]>