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TinBu Releases World’s Most Advanced U.S. Lottery Results Feed For Digital Publishers

TinBu, North America’s leading supplier of lottery data, has released an enhanced turnkey lottery data product that is now available for use by digital media publishers and application developers.

Pensacola, Florida (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

TinBu, LLC, North America’s leading provider of lottery data feeds to digital publishers, is pleased to announce the release of their enhanced lottery data feeds. These enhanced feeds have features previously unavailable to web publishers and wireless application developers, making TinBu’s lottery data feeds the most advanced lottery feeds in the world.

“As the leading provider of lottery results feeds in North America, we are pleased to announce the release of this new product which is the most advanced lottery data platform available to digital publishers anywhere in the world,” said John Brier, TinBu’s CEO.

TinBu’s enhanced lottery results feeds are now available for licensing and contain the following features:

TinBu, North America's leading supplier of lottery data, has released an enhanced turnkey lottery data product that is now available for use by digital …

Tinbu lottery

September 12, 2012 – The Next Big Thing in Domain Monetization?: New Companies Are Making the Dream of Affordable Mass Development a Reality

By Ron Jackson

While is not a mass development service provider, companies like Tinbu can be very useful to those who use one of the mass development platforms highlighted in this DN Journal Cover Story. Since most mass developers allow you to add your own content or additional content from third party providers like Tinbu, we decided it would useful to give you some information on what Tinbu does and how it is able to offer it services at no charge to the domain owner.

For that, we went to the Pensacola, Florida based company’s VP of Marketing Peter Hayward. “TinBu is a rapidly expanding technology company that offers interactive content channels to any web site looking to enhance their content, page views and existing advertising revenues,” Hayward said.

TinBu Marketing VP Peter Hayward
Speaking at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2008

“In the last 3 years, our client list has and continues to grow exponentially month over month across most all online publishing verticals, to include newspaper, television, radio, portals, geo-sites, and the domainer sector. TinBu is quickly becoming the go to provider for domainers looking to monetize their existing web site traffic or looking to build up web sites with additional interactive content that drives page views, repeat site traffic, user satisfaction, and revenue generation,” Hayward added.

“Regardless of what phase a domainer is in with a particular URL, TinBu is in a position to add value with free interactive content with built in revenue generation utilizing our patent-pending technology. Our content is available in English and Spanish, and in some cases also in German, French, Portuguese, and Chinese.”

“Our content is currently in use with over 75% of newspapers and online media companies in North America and on hundreds of online and wireless companies in other countries such as Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Our content is used by Web sites run by the major television networks, radio broadcasters and news groups to major online portals and search engines like AOL and YAHOO! Hundreds of category-specific Web sites pertaining to online travel, sports, hotels, general interest, automotive, geo-specific domains, entertainment, local, national or global city guides, special interest, not-for-profit, real estate, hobbies, health and fitness, domain registrars, online shopping sites, and more,” Hayward said.

You can see a partial list of some of the clients using TinBu’s content here.

“Our Swimsuit Model of the Day portal averages 12.2 page views PER unique user, Celebrity Entertainment averages 9.0 page views per user, our Horoscope channel averages 5.7 page views per user! Trying to decide how to integrate any piece of content into a parked page, URL under construction or existing web site that is free, engaging and averages 12.2 page views per user is definitely a good problem to have for your web site and existing ad networks!”

Hayward added, “To view an online video of how TinBu’s free content platform with built in revenue generation works click here. On TinBu’s home page we have a webinar with many domainer specific questions answered by mousing over the right hand side of the page here.”

Here are a few examples of some of TinBu’s general content.

“TinBu continues to build and develop additional content channels for their clients. We are soon to release a Box Office Movie content channel with our content partners at Nielsen Entertainment. We are working on a Quote content channel, Sports Scores and Odds portal, Streaming Radio portal with our content partners at CBS and many more,” Hayward said.

“We continually receive feedback from our clients on which modules are working most effectively with their specific audiences and which new content channels clients would like to see us develop in the future. TinBu aggressively acts on this feedback to strategically plan our future module deployment and corporate strategy.”

“TinBu has also started attending some of the domain conferences this past year and has been extremely well received with many people telling us our product has uncanny timing with what is going on in the domain industry these days and the need for stickier content on sites. Some of the more forward and “outside the box” thinking domain and parking companies that are trying to break away from the traditional parking formats into more content rich platforms like and are implementing TinBu’s content across their networks as we speak.”

“We are certain that TinBu’s future with the domain world is very bright. As we continue to add content, we will be able to help domainers grow and develop their Web sites as the old adage holds true that “Content is King“. We look forward to having a presence at all the future domain conferences and continuing to listen to domainers needs and finding out new ways we can use TinBu’s content to add value to their Web sites and parked pages,” Hayward concluded.

Tinbu lottery September 12, 2012 – The Next Big Thing in Domain Monetization?: New Companies Are Making the Dream of Affordable Mass Development a Reality By Ron