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Copy of “The Lottery” post-reading – Answer the following.

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  • TERM Fall ’19
  • TAGS The Lottery, Short story, Tessie
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View Copy of "The Lottery" post-reading from ENGLISH MISC at Hebron High School. Answer the following questions with complete responses, including textual evidence and/or references to the text as

The Lottery: Post-Reading Discussion Questions worksheet

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After reading Shirley Jacksonґs horror story “The Lottery” I have my English 11 students individually answer these questions on a separate piece of paper. After giving them 20 minutes to respond in complete sentences, I go through each question and randomly call on students to read their responses. We usually spend one day with the text, and the following day I assign these questions for us to discuss. Enjoy!

After reading Shirley Jacksonґs horror story