super bowl bingo 2020

Super Bowl Bingo

Free printable bingo card sheets to use during the big game!

How to Play Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl Bingo is a fun way to get everybody involved while watching the big game. To play, simply print out our free bingo cards and hand them out before the game. Once the game begins, pay attention to the events listed on your bingo card. After an event occurs you cross out that square, and if you’re the first to cross out all consecutive squares (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) you win!

Super Bowl Bingo is traditionally played on a 5×5 card with a combination of events ranging from plays and penalties, to commercials, crowd interaction, and more. If you want to customize your cards to play on a 7×7 grid or include only certain events you can use our custom card generator!

Download Our Free Super Bowl 2020 Bingo Cards

Feel free to print as many of our pre-made Super Bowl 2020 Bingo cards as you like. Each packet consists of five cards with events scrambled in different orders to make them unique. If our pre-made cards don’t fit your exact needs you can use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to customize your own cards!

Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards 2020

5×5 Card – All Events

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with all event types included (Plays, Scores, Commercials, Misc.)

5×5 Card – Plays & Scores

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with only Plays and Scores event types included.

5×5 Card – Commercials

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with only Commercial event types included.

7×7 Card – All Events

7×7 bingo card meant for longer play which includes all event types (Plays, Scores, Commercials, Misc.)

7×7 Card – Plays & Scores

7×7 bingo card meant for longer play which includes only Plays and Scores event types.

3×3 Card – Commercials

3×3 bingo card meant for shorter play which includes only Commercial event types.

Use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to make your own!

Choose from various options below to customize the format, events, and appearance of your Super Bowl 2020 Bingo cards. Once you’re finished, our custom card generator will create three cards tailored to your specific settings and email them to you for use during the big game!

Free Super Bowl Bingo cards 2020 printable sheets. Download our free templates or use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to customize your own!

Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards for 2020

2020 Super Bowl Bingo Cards

The Chiefs and the 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl and once again, due to popular demand, we are back this year with the 2020 Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards!

You and your family and friends can have a little extra fun during the big game this year – whether you’re having a big game party or if you’re just watching the game with a few of your family members or close friends on the couch.

This set of printable 2020 Super Bowl Bingo Cards is sure to add a little extra excitement to the evening.

As always, we tried to make them fun with plenty of squares available for both the die-hard football fans, as well as those who are at the party just to watch the commercials and eat some good food!

It’s a fun way to make everyone feel included and part of the action at your event. You can decide if you just want to play for fun and bragging rights or if you want to offer prizes to the winners.

Keep reading to get your Super Bowl Bingo Cards!

For prizes, I like to fill a tote bag with a variety of items like cool swag I received at conferences or fun items I found on sale at Target. Then when the first person wins and yells “Bingo!” they get to choose a prize out of the bag. We keep the game going and as each person gets Bingo on their card they get to choose a prize from what’s left in the bag.

Some other ideas for prizes are restaurant gift cards, mini footballs, candy bars, dollar store items, you name it! A Groupon for dinner out or a fun experience like a brewery tour or go-kart racing is also a fun prize. Click HERE for more prize options! Most people like the thrill of winning a prize no matter what it is.

For more fun, see all of our Super Bowl Fun, Recipes and MORE here!

If you’re the party host, we have found a lot of FUN party supplies to plan the best Super Bowl LIV party! Check out all of these ideas and then keep reading about how we make our Super Bowl Bingo game extra fun! If you already have or sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription, shipping will be free and get to you in just 2 days, leaving you plenty of time to get ready for your party!

Print Your Super Bowl Bingo Cards:

There are 20 different 2020 Super Bowl Bingo cards that you can print for FREE right HERE. You can print them on regular copy paper with 2 cards per sheet. Just cut down the middle and you’re ready to play! If you want to get “fancy” you can mount your cards are larger sheets of construction paper or card stock.

Once you’re done printing, check out these fun NFL Ugly Sweaters!

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You might as well make that NE touchdown space a free space. You know it’s going to happen – many times!

My daughters aren’t the biggest sports fans, but this will keep them engaged in the game. Maybe even do a couple of rounds for Super Bowl commercials.

This is awesome! I will definitely play along during the Super Bowl. I may not know who’s playing, but I’ll be the one winning.

This is so cool! We would play during the game and I think my family would enjoy it. We love Bingo and those recipes would also work! Bookmarking this so I can print a few off.

What a fun way to enjoy the big game of American Football. I love that you are sharing this for those super fans out there. I think these will be a great way to enjoy the game 🙂

Christine O says

I did this last year and my friends love it. They were still playing after I gave away all the prizes.

Oh, that’s awesome!

thanks for sharing!!

that tetris guy says

I made a bingo card generator, here were the possible spaces I used:

Free spaces:
“Budweiser Clydesdales”
“Sexual innuendo”
“Coca-Cola ad”
“American flag”
“15 yard penalty for celebration”
“Your party’s food gets cold”
“Gatorade dumped on coach”

Regular spaces:
“Soldiers watching game overseas”
“Ad without a twitter hashtag”
“Commercial break, one play, commercial break”
“Same station promo plays within one hour”
“America the Beautiful”
“Passive-aggressive ad”
“Danica Patrick”
“Signal drops for more than 10 seconds”
“2 car ads in the same commercial break”
“Ad with talking animals”
“Point spread less than 3 (4th quarter only)”
“Point spread greater than 56 (any time)”
“Either team’s quarterback stars in ad”
“Trailer for action movie”
“Extended shot of either team’s cheerleaders”
“Ad contains talking baby”
“Ad containing gay or lesbian couple”
“Controversy over coin toss”
“Ad for phone app”
“Career-ending injury”
“Ad involving meme from 2011 or earlier”
“Coach challenges non-questionable referee call”
“Ad for violent videogame”
“Onside kick”
“Fake field goal attempt”
“Someone makes plans for next year’s superbowl”
“Someone’s mood affected by outcome of game”
“National anthem lasts longer than 3 minutes”
“Party foul”
“Players lipsynching national anthem”
“Shot of person at game looking at their phone”
“On-TV discussion about concussions”
“Coach yelling at referees”
“Someone leaves before the game ends”
“Tearjerker ad”
“Commentator’s or player’s twitter handle displayed”
“Commentator uses word ‘intangibles’”
“Ad makes reference to something from the 1980s”
“Player takes a knee during national anthem”

Monica Matthews, aka Scholarship Mom says

Thank you so much for these cards! We are going to have so much fun at our Super Bowl party on Sunday. 🙂

Add some fun to your Super Bowl Party or family gathering with these free printable 2020 Super Bowl Bingo Cards! There are 20 different cards featuring game plays, commercials and more.