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“blue70mach1” Wins Last Sunday Million Before $12.5m GTD Anniversary Edition

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  • Sunday Million Final Table Results (March 15, 2020)
  • Five-Figure Scores For the Final Table
  • The countdown is on for the $12.5 Million Guaranteed Sunday Millions

Canada’s “blue70mach1” won the last Sunday Million before the $12.5 million guaranteed 14th Anniversary edition takes place next week. It was one of the biggest Sunday Millions in recent times with 13,579 playrs taking to the PokerStars virtual felt, creating a massive $1,357,900 prize pool.

Sunday Million Final Table Results (March 15, 2020)

Place Player Country Prize
1 blue70mach1 Canada $131,418
2 Momess Canada $95,361
3 Geraldo “GeraldoCesar” Cesar Neto Brazil $69,203
4 Anton “anteen” Bertilsson Sweden $50,221
5 pececada Denmark $36,445
6 HS toaster Canada $26,448
7 Cripple86 Netherlands $19,193
8 NoLimit173 Greece $13,928
9 du wang ckf02 China $10,108

Almost 2,500 players saw a return on their $109 investment. Denmark’s “Mogs_1887” popped the money bubble when they fell in 2,475th place. This locked up at least $176.66 for the surviving players.

Plenty of established grinders navigated their way into the money. These included “eijseijs”, Martin “M.nosbocaJ” Jacobson, Alfred “Kzzon” Karlsson, Craig “mcc3991” McCorkell, Jake “jakecody” Cody, “Gambler4444”, Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes, Fabrice “fabsoul” Soulier, and Nicholas “YerSoLucky” Newport, the latter finishing 14th for $5,323 after firing three bullets.

Five-Figure Scores For the Final Table

Each of the nine finalists banked at least five-figures for their efforts.

China’s “du wang ckf02” was the first casualty of the final table. They crashed out in ninth-place for a $10,108 addition to their bankroll.

Greece’s “NoLimit173” followed the Chinese grinder to the showers, their eighth-place exit seeing their PokerStars account swell by $13,928.

Seventh-place and $19,193 went to “Cripple86” of the Netherlands, who was joined on the payout table first by “HS toaster” of Canada then by “pececada” of Denmark. This duo locked up prizes of $26,448 and $36,445 respectively.

The prizes were growing ever larger and only four players remained in the hunt for the massive $131,418 top prize.

Those four became three when Swedish star Anton “anteen” Bertilsson ran out of steam and fell by the wayside. Third-place was worth a cool $50,221 this week.

Heads-up was set when Brazilian tournament specialist Geraldo “GeraldoCesar” Cesar Neto was eliminated in third place for a $69,203 score.

That heads-up clash was between blue70mach1 and “Momess” both hailing from Canada. There was no love lost between them being from the same country, and no deal was struck either.

This meant Momess collected $95,361 when they fell at the final hurdle and the champion turned their $109 into a colossal $131,418, which was one of the biggest prizes of the entire weekend.

The countdown is on for the $12.5 Million Guaranteed Sunday Millions

The 14th Anniversary Sunday Million shuffles up and deal on March 22, giving you less than a week to win your $215 seat.

Dozens of satellites are running around the clock and feeding into this event, which is the largest-ever tournament run by PokerStars. At least $12.5 million is guaranteed to be won, will you be getting your hands on a slice of that gargantuan prize pool?

Canada’s "blue70mach1" was crowned the Sunday Million champion this week and they walked away with a huge $131,418 prize for their victory.

From $11 Satellite to $1.1M: ‘AAAArthur’ Wins 14th Anniversary Sunday Million

Table Of Contents

  • 14th Anniversary Sunday Million Final Table Results
  • Final Day’s Play
  • 14th Anniversary Sunday Million Final Table Draw
  • Final Four Agree ICM Chop

They say deuces never loses, and that certainly proved to be the case for “AAAArthur” who won the PokerStars 14th Anniversary Sunday Million with that exact hand. The Brazilian flopped a full house, cracking the pocket fives of runner up Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos to emerge triumphant over a field of 93,016 players.

A four-way deal had already guaranteed “AAAArthur” would be the only player to walk away with a seven-figure score, a fact made all the more extraordinary by the fact that his previous biggest cash was $90 and that the Brazilian satellited into the Sunday Million for just $11.

14th Anniversary Sunday Million Final Table Results

Place Player Country Payout
1 AAAArthur Brazil $1,192,802.46*
2 Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos Romania $921,328.12*
3 caroline2963 United Kingdom $786,873.65*
4 salonteskis Lithuania $826,919.68*
5 AlexHoldz Croatia $329,356.63
6 Marios “Jully-19” Mansour Cyprus $225,108.02
7 tweny1 Romania $153,854.04
8 pokerfrance Germany $105,154.58
9 Paulius “D3cor” Vaitiekunas Lithuania $71,869.74

*denotes four-way deal

Final Day’s Play

It was “meandmyarrow” who led the final 91 at the start of play, but it didn’t take long for “heitorqueiro”, “Arlingtona” and “AlexHoldz” to challenge them at the top of the charts. In fact, “AlexHoldz” was the first player over 100 million in chips and would increase his chip stack to 250 million when start-of-day chip leader “meandmyarrow” triple-barrel bluffed with just seven-high into the queens of the Croatian to bust.

At this point, “AlexHoldz” was 100 million chips clear of his nearest competitor, and despite the gap narrowing they still topped the leaderboard with two tables left. However, the lead blew out again after “flukeybob1” got it in with what he thought was a Royal Flush draw, only for “AlexHoldz” to be holding the ace of hearts and sending them to the rail.

It looked like the Croatian was going to hold the lead ally he way to the final table, were it not for a surge from “salonteskis” that meant it was the Lithuanian out in front.

14th Anniversary Sunday Million Final Table Draw

Seat Player Country Chip Counts Big Blinds
1 AlexHoldz Croatia 404,315,107 51
2 Paulius “D3cor” Vaitiekunas LIthuania 96,760,235 12
3 salonteskis Lithuania 415,596,020 52
4 Marios “Jully-19” Mansour Cyprus 122,054,176 15
5 tweny1 Romania 83,910,614 10
6 pokerfrance Germany 128,403,299 16
7 Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos Romania 127,327,738 16
8 AAAArthur Brazil 33,031,132 4
9 caroline2963 United Kingdom 150,921,679 19

Now five-handed in the blink of an eye, “salonteskis” still stood firm atop the chip counts, but after the elimination of “AlexHoldz” in fifth place it looked like a deal was on the cards.

Final Four Agree ICM Chop

&Player Chip Count ICM Payout*
salonteskis 306,137,405 $826,919.68
Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos 423,570,200 $921,328.12
AAAArthur 866,447,809 $1,142,802.46
caroline2963 264,164,586 $786,873.65

The four players each agreed to the above numbers, setting aside $50,000 for the winner. “salonteskis” was third in chips at the deal but was first to go, falling foul of“AAAArthur”‘s runner-runner flush as the Brazilian moved over a billion chips.

It looked like “AAAArthur” wanted to finish things off himself, but after Stefan “CrAzY_sTeFaN” Piele Dragos eliminated “caroline2963” in third place, the Romanian looked poised to steal “AAAArthur”‘s thunder.

In what was a remarkable final table hand, Dragos doubled with quads against his opponent’s full house to take the chip lead heads-up. However, “AAAArthur” battled back and cracked the fives of his opponent with pocket deuces to secure thewin and the seven-figure prize for winning the biggest PokerStars online tournament ever!

That concludes our live reporting of the 14th Anniversary Sunday Million. We hope you’ve enjoyed following along. Be sure to keep an eye out for future online live reporting, and to check out our exciting promotions page for information on how you can get involved in an online poker tournament very soon!

“AAAArthur” Wins 14th Anniversary Sunday Million for $1.1m After Four-Way Deal

From $11 Satellite to $1.1m; “AAAArthur” Wins 14th Anniversary Sunday Million

"AAAArthur" Wins 14th Anniversary Sunday Million for $1.1m After Four-Way Deal