st louis horse show results

St louis horse show results

Whup, Trot! After being created by generations of selective breeding in the United States, the American Saddlebred has come to be known as “the horse America made.” These horses are known for their beauty, talent, spirit and versatility. This special week of events highlights this versatility. Spectators will see horses ridden in Saddleseat, Huntseat and Western disciplines, and horses and Hackney ponies pulling carts and buggies.

For exhibitors converging at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, Saddlebred Week is filled with numerous exciting and prestigious events. St. Louis typically hosts fi ve National Championship Events for American Saddlebred Pleasure Horses t hanks to Saddle & Bridle magazine, and the beautiful Shatner Country Western Pleasure Championships culminating the week on Saturday night. For equitation enthusiasts , we are pleased to host the Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Medallion Finals and MHSA Junior Saddle Seat Equitation Medallion.

Horses will demonstrate varying gaits from big, strong trots to slow steady jogs. Others will showcase the smooth slow-gait and exhilarating rack. Horses and ponies are judged on manners, performance, conformation and quality, depending on each class. Saddle seat equitation, however, is judged on the rider’s abilities and presence. It is an open division.

Learn all about the many Saddlebred class events of St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, including five National Championship events in the field.

St louis horse show results

The St. Louis National Charity Horse Show is proud to support two amazing non-profit organizations in our community: Stray Rescue of St. Louis, an organization dedicated to finding new life for stray animals of St. Louis, and TREE House of Greater St. Louis, a therapeutic horsemanship center for people with disabilities and their families. Over the last five years, we have proudly donated over $115,000 to these charities. Together, we work to improve the lives of both people and animals through our events and the organizations they benefit.

Supporting the Show

Each year, the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show provides a wide range of regional and national sponsors the opportunity to promote themselves while supporting our philanthropic event. Opportunities include sponsoring events, advertising or donating to the horse show. Businesses and organizations of all sizes and backgrounds have taken the initiative to support the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show while also growing their own enterprises.

Area Information

Learn all about the arenas and amenities of the National Equestrian Center (NEC), located in Lake Saint Louis, with easy access to all the St. Louis region has to offer. The NEC’s surrounding area is home to an abundance of high quality lodging, shopping and dining options. The NEC is conveniently located in the central US for our exhibitors, vendors and business partners.

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