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Skin Prep & Tanning Tips

Skin prep it to a tan as food prep is to a physique

Skin Prep Instructions

The perfect Airbrush Tan begins with proper skin preparation

“Skin prep it to a tan as food prep is to a physique”

Follow these steps precisely to have the best tan possible!
● Seven to fourteen days before your airbrush appointment, begin your skin prep regimen. A few days is NOT
● STOP waxing 14 days before your airbrush appointment.
● Start full body shaving 3-4 weeks before your airbrush appointment to avoid razor rash.
● Avoid sunburns. Your tan will flake and peel and we may not be able to cover it.
● If possible, soak two times in the tub the week of the show to better loosen skin prior to an exfoliation session.
● Do not use loofah scrubs, mitts or harsh brushes. Use hand in circular motions only.
● Do no use any type of oil or sugar scrubs. The oils will prevent the tanning product from sitting well on the skin
and sugar scrubs often leave streaks on the skin that can be seen through the tan.
● Only use your hand in light, circular motions with the Get Buffed product mentioned below. This product is a
Pre-Tan scrub that also neutralizes the pH of the skin. Use it daily 7-14 days prior to your tan.

To begin your skin prep exfoliation

  1. Shower and shave daily. Use Get Buffed Scrub daily until the Thursday before your first coat of tan. Do no use any type of oil or sugar scrubs.
  2. Lightly rub the scrub over your entire body in circular motions. Do not use back and forth motions and is can leave lines in the skin that show through the tan.
  3. After shower and use of scrub, apply any water-based moisturizer from your local retailer.
  4. Stop using the exfoliation scrub Thursday night before your base tan on Friday.
  5. On Friday, the day of your base tan:
    1. Do not exfoliate, shower and shave ONLY before noon.
    2. Do not use any type of moisturizer on your skin on Friday.
    3. No deodorant on Friday. It will greatly affect your tan.
    4. Do not shower at any time the weekend of your show unless we advise you to do so.
  6. Three to five days after your show, your skin will begin to shed the tan. Once this happens, you will need to reverse exfoliate, meaning remove the dead skin cells that are holding the tan. To do this simply use your Get Buffed product in circular motions just as you did to prep for the tan.
NOTE: Both men and women should exfoliate. Pay close attention to the chest, back and underarm areas.

To purchase your Get Buffed Product, click on the following link:

Buy Get Buffed and type in the coupon code TAN2WIN to get your 10% discount and free shipping.

Tanning Tips

As competitors and professionals of our wonderful sport, always remember to preserve the integrity of our beloved sport by caring for hotel and venue property by cleaning up any tanning residue you leave behind.

● Bring old King or Queen bed sheets to the hotel.
● Bring old bath towels for your bathing.
● Keep Clorox wipes with you at all times to wipe away tanning residue, fingerprints, etc.
● Carry packs of hand wipes to clean palms of hands. No hand sanitizer.
● Wear dark colored, thin clothing after tanning.
● Wear long sleeve thin tee shirt after tanning to protect tan.
● Choose loose-fitting clothes, elastic waistbands leave marks in the tan.
● No sweat tops or pants after tanning. They hold body heat that moves and causes tan to run.
● Consider wearing white waiter gloves when sleeping to prevent fingerprints on skin or face.
● Keep hotel room cool while sleeping to reduce sweating during sleep.
● Purchase travel size baby powder and a large head makeup brush to powder underarms.
● Shower and shave before noon on the day of the first tan. No exfoliation, deodorant or moisturizer.
● No showering after the tanning process begins.
● Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate beginning two weeks prior to base tan. Stop day before tan.
● Don’t stress over your tan. We can repair and maintain your tan.
● Expect and do not stress over water spots that may happen to the tan. Easily repaired.

Skin Prep & Tanning Tips Skin prep it to a tan as food prep is to a physique Skin Prep Instructions The perfect Airbrush Tan begins with proper skin preparation “Skin prep it to a tan

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Your skin actually absorbs those chemicals in conventional skincare which pass through to your bloodstream and liver. When I was younger I would use anything on my skin. Chemicals, pollutants, acid based skincare- craziness! But as the years went on I became more concerned with some of the ingredients I found in my skincare. Sulphates, parabens, fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals- what does all this stuff mean? After delving deeper I found that these are known irritants and that most brands including the higher end more expensive products that claim to be natural contain these chemicals. Some even contain numbing agents to stop the sting these irritants are known to cause. Most list their main ingredient as water which can actually dry the skin as it evaporates instead of moisturising it – leaving your skin always wanting more.

I started to think about how many of these chemicals are absorbed into my body and what they were doing to my health. I started to think about how these products are tested on animals, or derived from animal products. I started to think that if skincare is higher quality and filled with beautiful, natural, organic ingredients with no fillers they must be better for your skin. I started to think that a higher concentration must be more affordable as you don’t need as much. After all of this I began to believe that there must be a safe, natural, kind way to care for my skin that leaves it soft and beautiful- which led me to this!

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Oh hey there! I’m Hannah, an animal-loving vegan naturopath, based in Melbourne, Australia.