sea otter classic results

Results: Downhill – Sea Otter Classic 2019

1st. Jill Kintner 2:11.28
2nd. Anneke Beerten 2:11.88
3rd. Rae Morrison 2:15.87
4th. Caroline Washam 2:18.23
5th. Martha Gill 2:20.09

1st. Walker Shaw 1:58.95
2nd Josh Carlson 1:59.40
3rd. Kiran Mackinnon 1:59.99
4th. Dakotah Norton 2:00.15
5th. Cody Kelley 2:00.45


Not much, if anything.

She is a biking super hero, and an incredible role model for my daughter. I love watching her succeed.

Norco is so fortunate to have had her as a spokesperson for so long. In that regard, I suppose one could add “undying loyalty” to the long list of positive attributes she brings to the table.

Wishing her nothing but success this entire season.

They don’t win them because they can’t.

Maes isn’t just an “enduro” racer dude. He was winning JR. World DH races BEFORE he started winning in enduro. He’s a young beast that’s going to win more DH and a LOT more EWS races. It’s pretty common for elite EWS athletes to have a ton of DH in their backgrounds.

The big guys are not training to win Sea Otter. They’re not risking anything because it’s not what they’re getting paid for. They’re there to have fun. It’s more so they can talk crap to each other.

Sea Otter is a short track with very little tech to it. It’s not a World Cup class course. I’ve seen quite a few people do backflips in the middle of it.

Results from the Sea Otter Downhill race are in.