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Ратгерский университет Нью-Брансуик

Студенческая жизнь

The flagship campus of New Jersey’s state university, based in New Brunswick, is actually split into five mini-campuses known as Douglass, Cook, College Avenue, Busch and Livingston. Each campus has a unique setting and identity, from the hip student feel of the College Avenue campus to the farmland and science buildings at Cook Campus. Each mini-campus has its own student center and dining options.

While several student centers, libraries, commercial venues, and dining halls are found on the various campuses, each campus has a unique environment created by the academic departments and facilities it hosts.

Campus facilities include:

Transportation: The campus bus and shuttle system is a service provided as a means to travel between campuses.

Computing centers: Student accessible computers are mainly concentrated within computer labs. Rutgers has many computing centers to serve the university community.

Meals: The dining services claim to be the third largest student dining operation in the USA, serving 4.5 million meals annually. There are four student dining facilities which also provide catering for over 5000 University events yearly.

Health centers: Rutgers has 3 health centers/pharmacies which provide primary care to Rutgers students. The RUHS nurse line is available at no charge to Rutgers University students when the Health Centers are closed.

Museums: The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum is located in Voorhees Mall of the College Avenue campus. It was founded in 1966 and later named after Jane Voorhees Zimmerli who was the mother of philanthropist Alan Voorhees. The Geology Museum is also located on college Avenue Campus. The Mason Gross Galleries are located downtown in the university’s Civic Square building.

There are more than 400 student clubs and organizations across the mini-campuses, including more than 80 fraternities and sororities.

The fun never ends at Rutgers. Clubs you probably could never imagine existing are here, there are parties, there are plays you can catch, a movie theatre on campus, there are nature trails to walk, gyms to work out in, restaurants, shopping, games to watch, and events that are programmed by various organizations on campus that are either free or very inexpensive to attend. For example, fall harvest festivals, concerts, movie screenings, art exhibitions, and so many more. You will never be bored at Rutgers if you keep your eyes peeled for fun events that are happening on campus.

Проживание студентов

Freshmen do not have to live on campus, but those who choose to do so have options on each campus, too.

Residence halls provide many facilities for students. With over 15,000 resident students, 5 different campuses each with its own identity, 58 residence halls, 4 dining halls and 30-plus food courts/cafés, students can find everything they need right on campus. Despite some over-crowding, students wishing to live on-campus are usually accommodated, with a lottery system for non-incoming freshmen determining the order in which students choose their preferred housing.

Single, double, and triple-occupancy rooms, apartments housing four students each, and suites housing six students each are available. Rooms and apartments are single-sex, with the exception of married graduate student housing, which also permit children of students. Most floors and buildings are co-ed. Rooms usually contain beds, desks, chairs, dressers, and a closet for each student. Cable/internet access are also provided, but due to the widespread use of mobile phones, traditional land-line phone service is no longer provided in the halls. Many residence halls include laundries, main lounges with TVs, foosball and ping-pong, floor lounges with sofas, study tables, and kitchenettes, study lounges, and vending machines. Every floor or house has a resident advisor, an upper class student mentor who has received special training and is responsible for handling a number of tasks, such as planning programs and events, monitoring for safety, and documenting policy and procedure violations.

Развитие карьеры студентов

98% of students are employed, freelancing, or continuing their education 3 months after graduation in 2016. The majority of MBA students are employed in Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Healthcare – 32%.

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Continuing Student Housing Selection Process

Attention New and Graduate/Family Students!

New Fall 2020 incoming students should apply for housing through their Enrollment Pathway.

Graduate and family housing applications process will be provided in March 2020.


Current Rutgers students re-apply for on-campus housing through an annual housing selection process that allows students to search and select a room or apartment online. The entire housing selection process runs from January 13 – March 25. During housing selection, students must first apply for a housing selection number. Participating in the housing selection is required in order for a student to apply to any housing type.

Housing Selection General Information and Policies

Who May Participate

  • Full-time, matriculated students currently attending classes on the New Brunswick campus (living on or off campus)
  • Students currently in a Rutgers sponsored study abroad program

Obtaining the housing selection number is not binding until you select your space.

How to Obtain a Housing Selection Number

  1. All eligible students who wish to live on-campus are required to apply for a housing selection number between Monday, January 13 through Tuesday, January 28.
  2. A confirmation email will then be sent to your email account on file with the Residence Life Assignments Office. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact the Assignments Office.
  3. All applicants will receive notification of their housing selection number via email on Thursday, January 30, 2019.
  4. Once you receive a housing selection number, please be sure to review the housing selection options to know when to participate in each process:
Application Sign Up Dates Notification Selection Spaces
Singles Feb 6 – Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13 All Campuses
Livingston/So Tru/Buell Apartments 4 PEOPLE Feb 13 – Feb 17 Feb 18 Feb 19 – Feb 20 Livingston, Sojourner Truth, Buell
Livingston/So Tru/Buell Apartments 3 PEOPLE Feb 13 – Feb 17 Feb 21 Feb 22 Livingston, Sojourner Truth, Buell
Livingston/So Tru/Buell Apartments 2 PEOPLE Feb 13 – Feb 17 Feb 24 Feb 25 Livingston, Sojourner Truth, Buell
Easton Ave/Busch/Cook Apartments Feb 13 – Feb 17 Feb 27 Feb 28 University Center at Easton Ave., Nichols, Richardson, Silvers, Newell, Starkey
Suites Mar 2 – Mar 5 Mar 6 Mar 9 Crosby, Judson, McCormick, Morrow, Thomas, Winkler
Doubles Mar 10 – Mar 23 Mar 24 Mar 25 All Campuses
  • Apartments: Groups of two or four interested in a two-single or two-double bedroom (respectively) apartment should review the application procedures and apply by the deadline. Groups of three interested in three-single bedroom apartments in the Livingston & Sojourner Truth Apartments also apply in this process.
  • Suites: Groups of six students interested in a Crosby, Judson, Morrow, Thomas, or Winkler Suite on the Busch Campus should review the application procedures and apply by the deadline.
  • Doubles: Individual students or a group of two interested in living in an upper-class residence hall on the College Avenue or Livingston Campus should review the application procedures and apply by the deadline.
Special Program Housing
Application Sign Up Dates Notification Selection Spaces
B.E.S.T. Jan 20 – Jan 28 Feb 6 Feb 7 B.E.S.T. Hall
Honors Housing 4 PEOPLE Jan 20 – Jan 28 Jan 31 Feb 3 Sojourner Truth Apts., B.E.S.T. Hall, Newell Apts.
Honors Housing 6 PEOPLE Jan 20 – Jan 28 Feb 4 Feb 5 McCormick Suites
Honors Housing 2 PEOPLE Jan 20 – Jan 28 Feb 5 Feb 6 Campbell, Quad, New Gibbons, Jameson
(DRC) Douglass Residential College – Apartments Jan 20 – Jan 28 Feb 3 Feb 4 Henderson Apts.
(DRC) Douglass Residential College – Residence Hall Jan 20 – Jan 28 Feb 6 Feb 7 Jameson, Woodbury
Mason Gross Jan 20 – Jan 28 Jan 30 Jan 31 New Gibbons B1-2
SAS Honors Program (SASHP) Singles Feb 5 – Feb 9 Feb 10 Feb 11 Brett, Lynton Towers
  • GeneralDouglass Housing Options(Women Only): If you are interested in becoming a member of the Douglass Residential College and live in Jameson Hall, Henderson Apartments, or Woodbury Hall students must apply for a housing selection number, then submit a General Douglass Residential College Housing Application available from January 20 – January 28
  • Living-Learning Douglass Housing Options (Women Only): If you are interested in becoming a member of the Douglass Residential College and live in one of the following communities: Bunting Cobb, Global Village, or Honors, please visit the Douglass Residential College website for further information and the application.
  • For more information on living-learning, thematic, and other community options, please visit our special living options page.

Seniority Explanation

A seniority/reverse seniority system is used within the housing selection process. Each student will receive points based on their class year. Class year will be determined by what is listed via your school affiliation on January 28, 2020.

Continuing Student Housing Selection Process Attention New and Graduate/Family Students! New Fall 2020 incoming students should apply for housing through their Enrollment Pathway .