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Result picture generator

The Result picture generator is a new type of generator of report pictures. It was added in version 15.2. It enables to generate separate picture for each selected value from any result.

Behaviour of Result picture generator define result table and one or more pictures that are indented under the Result picture generator.

  • defines which result will be displayed on pictures.
  • defines which load case (combination, class) will be result calculated for.
  • defines selection of members where the result will be calculated.
  • defines other parameters of calculation of result (Location, LCS, Extremes, . )

  • defines the view point and zoom
  • defines view parameters

Properties of Result picture generator:

  • User can decide to show also result table above all generated pictures (Note that result table provides also information about parameters of the calculation.)
  • User selects for which magnitudes are generated pictures
  • User can decide to draw only those members which are included in the Selection parameter of the result.

Example of Draw only result selection

Example of two pictures generated for selected values from Internal forces on beam

More pictures indented under Result picture generator

It is possible to indent more pictures under Result picture generator. In this case for each selected result value are generated as many pictures as there are intended.Generated pictures are grouped into chapters according to result values.

See following example:

Result picture generator inside the chaptermaker

The Result picture generator can be indented under any table (see also function chaptermaker).In this case there is at first automatically generated result table for each item from the master table. Then there are generated result pictures taking into account settings of each generated result tables.

In case the master table is e.g. table of load-cases, then each generated result table is generated for one of load-cases selected in the master table. Therefore there is generated set of are pictures with result for different load-cases for each load-cases from the master table. (see following example)

In case of master table is e.g. table of cross sections, then each generated result table is generated for different filter. Therefore there are pictures with results on different members for each cross section from the master table. (See following example)

Behaviour of the second example with master table = table of cross section can be modified by parameter Draw only result selection. (Note that the selection of each result table is influenced by the master table according to principles of chaptermaker)

In case there is set “Draw inactive members” to “Visible” in properties of the picture, then inactive members are displayed on generated pictures using the special pen (by default thin grey)

Changing of drawing setting of results

All result related setting is taken from the result table even if there is some result setting in the picture. Any result related setting that might be stored in the picture is ignored and therefore it is better to use pictures without results in Result picture generator.

In case of “new results 1D results” (new in context of version 17) the drawing setting is directly part of Result properties and can be changed directly in Engineering Report (see following picture) and it is enough to use those properties to modify the way the result is graphically presented.

In case of 2D result and older 1D results (older in context of version 17) the drawing setting is accessible via [. ] button which is not available in Engineering Report . For those cases the ribbon command “Extended editing of properties” was introduced in version 17. It opens dialogue where those special properties are available.

In versions prior to version 17 there was the only way to change the [. ] drawing setup was to show the result in SCIA Engineer , define the drawing setting there and send the result table (including the drawing setting) to Engineering Report .

Result picture generator The Result picture generator is a new type of generator of report pictures. It was added in version 15.2. It enables to generate separate picture for each selected value

How to use the result picture generator?

The result picture generator:

  • takes the information about the results from the result table;
  • takes the viewpoint of the image;
  • views the result set in its properties.

The result picture generator requires an indented result table and an indented live picture.

First, you’ll add the ‘Result picture generator’ item which you can find under the group ‘Special items’:

Then you can add an item from the ‘Results’ group (for example ‘1D internal forces’). This item should be indented:

Now you can add a live picture from SCIA Engineer to the Engineering report:

This picture should be indented as well:

You should define in the properties window of the generator which results need to show in a picture. In the following example, pictures for the selected results ‘N’ and ‘M_y’ will be generated:

In the properties of the results item you should define the properties of the result (for example the selection, type of load, …).

Finally, after regenerating the generator you’ll get as result a result table and a picture of the results you have selected (in this example N and M_y for the ULS combination):

This FAQ explains ho to use the result picture generator in detail. ]]>