play by numbers

Play by numbers

Play By Numbers is the name of Boards of Canada’s fourth known release. The Jockey Slut article by Richard Southern describes Play by Numbers as follows: “Five-track CD from what was now a trio, boasting a My Bloody Valentine influence in places, shifting further into electronics in others.”

Of the album’s five tracks, only a 56-second excerpt of Wouldn’t You Like To Be Free [1] (posted on the EHX website in the late 1990s) has been heard by those outside of the band’s friends and family.

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Play by numbers

The only known versions cycling on the internet are fake.
Don’t waste your time.

There is a 1 minute clip of a song off of this EP on youtube that was previously on their website. That is pretty good, you can hear their My Bloody Valentine influence loud and clear. Other than that, there is no trace of the rest.

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Play by Numbers, an EP by Boards of Canada. Released in 1994 on Music70 (catalog no. AOCD43; CD). ]]>