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Two Junkyards to Sell Your Junk Car: Pick-n-Pull and PayTop4Clunkers. Reviews + Full guide

Junkyard in Columbus Ohio

Two Junkyards to Sell Your Junk Car: Pick-n-Pull and PayTop4Clunkers. Reviews + Full guide

Are you looking for a place to sell your junk car at the top dollar in Columbus, Ohio? If you’ve got a bunch of cars in your garden or garage, think about selling for some much-needed money. Not only will you have the top dollar for your vehicle but you’ll have more capacity in the garage to look after other major works.

Presently, because more and more people are selling old cars, junk cars, and unwanted vehicles to many businesses, this is becoming a huge business. Car owners take benefit of the opportunity to dispose of cars every day because they have found this service to be highly efficient. If you would like to sell your junk vehicle for cash, read this article till the end.

Purchasing your vehicle for cash is now a thriving business in Ohio’s largest city, Columbus. In this article, we have a full review and comparison of two of the best car buyers in Columbus, OH, and nearby cities, Pick-n-Pull and PayTop4Clunkers.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car?

You might ask why an organization would be investing in damaged or old vehicles. There are numerous reasons they want your junk car; the important reason is for components and scrap metal. Once they buy the car from your garbage, useful pieces are taken up and resold. Components are cheaper and are better suited to a costly new.

The remaining part of the car was taken to the warehouse where it is dismantled to smaller pieces and resold as scrap metal after the commercial value of the item took up. Remember that all of the treatment is performed in an ecologically friendly manner. There are some firms that, Hassle-free, will tow your vehicle to you at no cost.

If you are thinking of selling your junk car Pick-n-Pull and PayTop4Clunkers are two good places where you can sell your junk car at top dollar very easy and quick.

Junkyards in Columbus, OH

Junkyards have a large number of cars in different decaying states. They will store every car’s functional parts, and document where it is placed in the junkyard. Occasionally, they’ll use cranes to stack them on top of each other or on large metal frames to maximize space.

Sadly, the location of these junkyards is not always straightforward, as they can be placed in out-of-the-way parts of the city or in rural areas. If you are living in Columbus, OH and are looking for a place to junk your car, we suggest these five junkyards:

  • PayTop4Clunkers
  • Woody’s Auto Salvage
  • Pick-n-Pull
  • EdisonUsedAutoparts
  • JunkCarBoysColumbusOH

Pick-n-Pull or PayTop4Clunkers?

In this section, we will compare Pick-n-Pull and PayTop4Clunkers from all aspects.

1- Websites

To enter the PayTop4Clunkers website click on and to enter the Pick-n-Pull website click on

2- Location and phone number



3- Features


It is one of the best junkyards in the city of Columbus Ohio. they will offer you the fair price for your vehicles. They buy vehicles for scrap. You just need either call or text at (614) 477 1166 and explain your car details. Then they will set a time for picking your car that is suitable for both. After that, the operator will be at your place and pick your junk car in a provided time and location.

PayTop4Clunkers buy all sorts of vehicles, trucks, 4X4s and Vans. They remove any unnecessary vehicle for Free from your property and not just that they will pay you top dollar for it.

PayTop4Clunkers buy junk cars around the Colombus, OH too. Other towns and cities where they pick junk cars and pay on the spot are Dublin, Powell, Polaris, Plain City, Bexley, Reynoldsburg, Grove City, Groveport, Hilliard, Whitehall, Upper Arlington, Worthington, New Albany, Westerville, Pataskala, Gahanna, and Lewis Center.


Pick-n-Pull is one of the industry’s leading recyclers of vehicles. They give their customers an amazing range of recycled car and light truck parts at an affordable value with 52 self-service locations all over the United State and Canada.

No matter your vehicle is running or not, Pick-n-Pull will buy all models of vehicles. It has a very simple process. You will call them, they will offer you a fast and fair price for your car, you can agree, you will drive your vehicle to the nearest junkyard(or you will arrange a towing time), and then you will be paid!

You can also find any part of any vehicle in their store. Their 52 self-service areas through North America offer a broad selection of auto parts from the low-cost, high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We provide all foreign and domestic cars, vans and light trucks brands and models and specialize in those who are 7 years old or older.

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Are you looking for a place to sell your junk car at the top dollar in Columbus, Ohio? Pick-n-Pull or PayTop4Clunkers? ]]>