pick a part lancaster california

Pick a part lancaster california

Auto Quest Dismantling is a Salvage Yard in Lancaster. We Buy Junk Cars. Our excellent service ensures that we get the right part for you. Whether you are a car owner, collision or auto repair shop, or dealership, our task is to assist you. Some people search for a Junkyard, Salvage Yard, Dismantling Yard or a Wrecking Yard.

Large Used Car Parts Selection

Contact Auto Quest Dismantling, Inc. in Lancaster,CA area for all your junk parts replacement needs. We have a huge inventory of quality used, new or rebuilt parts. For those hard to find parts give us a call first. If we do not have your parts, we can help you locate them by using some of the nation’s best parts locating services. Ask us and we can help fulfill your used or new auto parts needs. All of our car parts are tested before selling. Most parts from Auto Quest Dismantling, Inc. can be shipped in continental USA via , Private Courier, Fedex Etc.

We Have Quality Engines and Transmissions

We have quality used auto parts for late models, guaranteed from headlights to taillights. If you have any questions, please stop by or call us, and we’ll be happy to talk.All of our parts are cleaned, tested, and inventoried by our long term car parts expert employees and come with a standard 30-90 day replacement warranty. Sorry no cash refunds. Extended warranties available upon request on designated items.

Rust Free Parts

We are located in Southern California… Our very convenient location is Lancaster. Due to California’s mild climate, it is a “no salt” state. Our inventory of Quality recycled parts does not have the rust problems that are associated with salting the highways during the winter months in cold climate parts of our great country. Go to our Search Our Parts Page.

We Accept Credit and Debit Cards

No Problem Solution, We Will Work With You

Pick a Part Lancaster

We will Pick your part in no time, You will be very happy with our part, or you can exchange it for a different one.

Auto Quest Used Parts Sun Valley FAQ
Why buy used auto parts?

The three major reasons to choose used car parts are availability, price and quality. Used parts are readily available, reasonably priced, and were manufactured to OEM quality standards. Also, recycling through the use of used parts is good for the environment.

What is the quality of used car parts?

Sheet metal is OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality. Mechanical parts are built to OEM specifications with consideration given to vehicle mileage. We purchase salvage vehicles that were in good to excellent condition prior to casualty loss. All our vehicles are fully documented with vehicle identification numbers and mileage stored in computer and paper archives.

Do you sell new or rebuilt automobile parts?

Yes. 1000s of parts for your vehicle to request on-line or by phone, Call Right Now 818-767-0707

Where do you get your cars for parts?

Most of our vehicles are purchased from insurance salvage sources in sunny California. Some of them are purchased from automotive dealers and from individuals. In all cases, we are looking for vehicles that were in good to excellent condition and low mileage prior to casualty loss. We do not purchase vehicles for scrap.

Do you sell damaged parts?

Damaged parts are sometimes requested by customers because non-damaged parts are unavailable or there is an opportunity for substantial savings. We sometimes do sell damaged parts for those reasons. Often, damage is minor and repairable, such as a minor ding in a door or a scratch on a bumper.

Can you locate parts you don’t have in inventory?

Absolutely! We have access to inventories from hundreds of yards throughout North America. Though most of other salvage yards do not have nearly the quantity and quality of our inventory, taken as a group there are millions of parts available. We know which dismantlers to purchase from where quality is an issue and can usually have your part to you within a few days.

When I buy an engine, what comes with it?

As a rule, engines are complete assemblies including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, We Guarantee only the long block. The manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not. Starters, and front accessories, such as air compressor, alternator, power steering pump are usually not included. If additional parts are requested, we will adjust the price accordingly..

What if I can’t find a particular product I’m looking for?

We are constantly adding new items to our site at the rate of 270 to 1000 a month. If you are looking for something in particular that is not on our site please fill out a request form or e-mail us and let us know. We will try to locate it for you.

Repairable Vehicles

Who fixes repairable cars?

Most rebuildable cars can be fixed by body shops and garages. In some cases, individuals fix their own cars.

Where do you get repairable cars?

Most of our repairable cars are purchased from insurance salvage sources in CA. Some cars are purchased from automotive dealers, shops, and directly from individuals.

How safe are repairable cars after being fixed?

When properly fixed, repairable cars are as safe as other cars on the road which have not been repaired.

Why buy a repairable vehicle?

The major reason for purchasing a repairable vehicle is price and cost of ownership.

What type of title do repairable cars have?

In the U.S.A., vehicles are titled by the individual states and the type of title a repairable car will have depends.

Who buys repairable cars?

Most purchasers are repair shops, brokers, and individuals in the northeastern U.S.

How much can I save when I buy a repairable vehicle?

The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial.

Are you searching best junkyard to buy or sell Used Auto Parts in Lancaster, Los Angeles, Palmdale CA. We are the best provider of Used Auto Parts to meet your satisfaction. Call (661) 729-2929

Ecology Auto Parts JunkYard
Lancaster, California

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If you are looking for used pieces for your vehicles at the lowest prices and with good warranties in the vicinity of Lancaster (California), this business certainly has what you want. Its business model focuses on the distribution of car parts and scrap metal, always with the most rigorous quality supervision. You can additionally inquire them if you need a quote for your second-hand auto or if you are interested in purchasing a junk vehicle at a good price. It is possible to get in touch with them by these means: phone. Additional info: The Ecology Auto Parts opening schedule information is not available yet, despite this you can review its website.

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USA , California, Los Angeles, Lancaster


43927 90th St W , Lancaster , CA (Zipcode: 93536 )

Ecology Auto Parts junkyard is located in Lancaster (California). It provides car parts and scrap metal to its customers. Find here all CONTACT INFO on this wrecking yard.