ohio lottery app scanner not working

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It doesnt work at all

  • ★☆☆☆☆ OU812. v5.2.1

It didnt work at all! Deleted after 3 minutes

Scanner does not work

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ Unhipdotcom

Just beeps and vibrates and gives error messages. Garbage!

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ Amyjean3822

Scanner doesnt work. super disappointing!

Scanner broke

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ Dyl er

Scanner not working on iPhone 6plus.

  • ★★★★★ Bosh

My scanner not working either but I’ve read that it’s overwhelmed and can’t keep up. Be patient!

    Gepubliceerd: 1 year ago

App never works.

I have this installed on both my iPad mini five and my brand new iPhone I also have this installed on my iPhone for work iPhone 7 and all of them continue to crash will not respond will not update with jackpot can’t scan tickets this thing might as will just be deleted it’s a piece of crap

    Gepubliceerd: 2 weeks ago Jayjayofdaytonohio


With all the money we’ve all spent on Ohio lottery, we expect an app that works more than 20% of the time! FIX IT. JUST DO IT. KEEP IT FIXED. . I’m not mad, just disappointed.

    Gepubliceerd: 2 weeks ago Jaysin05

What is wrong with you people?

Update 11/3/2020 Wow the scanner was actually working for about a week! It felt weird scanning my tickets after YEARS of it not working. But that was short lived. Someone at Ohio lottery should be fired over this. I’m sure it’s a third part app developer and guess what time to switch. Just read through the reviews. You do realize this app has been broken for well over a year now? Some people can’t login and NOBODY CAN SCAN TICKETS! Why don’t you fix this app?

    Gepubliceerd: 3 weeks ago Buckeye chris

Just quit showing the winning numbers

I tried to delete the app and the download it thinking it was my phone but no it’s the app. It loads and doesn’t show any numbers, the scanner doesn’t work or anything 👎🏻

    Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Streaming/Apple TV

Half way works

It works when it wants too.

    Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago DatTiff

Limited to Wi-Fi

I can only use this app with Wi-Fi. It doesn’t allow me to use it with data.

    Gepubliceerd: 3 months ago Pielover45365

Won’t let me scan my tickets

    Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago Gybydfhj

App not working

I cannot see the just shows straight lines instead and I redownloaded the app and still doesn’t work and nowhere else to send a msg either.

    Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago katt25$

Always seems to be down

I don’t mind maintenance but can you do it in the middle of the night. System is down again. Can not log in or do anything. Only allowed 1200 points a month with big prizes being 10000 points (guess I’ll wait 7 months for that gift card). It’s just lame all around.

    Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago Se7en1969

Can’t create account

Tried to create an account and won’t let you select birthdate or state. Those fields do not work. Fix your app!

    Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago LDavis75

Why doesn’t the ticket scanner ever work.

Seriously, what’s the point if it always throws that message saying “there was an error with your entry”.

    Gepubliceerd: 4 months ago digitylgoddess

Scanning tickets

The app won’t let me scan tickets unless I’m using WiFi.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago Rmd964

Half the time it does not work. Not able to scan tickets or see results. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have uninstalled it and installed it. Turned my phone off and on. Should not have to go through this.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago betgirl&

I did the update!

I cannot stand this! They tell me that there are more features, if you update the app. I update the app, get back on to the application, I get notified to update the app!

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago Jeznel

Doesn’t work at all

The update screwed up the whole app. Now none of it works.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago motleyskru

You’re kidding right?

So you finally got it to work for 2 days and it crashes again. In today’s technology, you guys can’t figure this out? If you had a pair, once you get your website up again, someone give a real explanation as to why this continues to happen.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago MarkV216

There is a reason it’s a 2 star app

Gets worse every update. Soon to be a one star app.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago CincyDog

Mobile cashing

Worked once and hasn’t worked since. Never get a text for verification code.

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago insert vulgarity here

Fix the fix!

Since the new update keno specific draws can’t be used. I now have to be connected to WIFI to do anything. I have always had my settings to use cellular data but now it won’t work. The fix needs fixed!

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago sarah1247

Was good

The new update is garbage wont even let you do what you previously could. I was ok now won’t hardly work

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago MikeyXXL


Keno part is messed up. Cant search n watch I play draws and usually watch later. Hope they fix it quick!

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago Blzkvc1

Latest update is a disaster for Keno players

Not sure what they did, but after the latest update to fix “bugs” you can no longer select previous keno drawings and watch as the app basically locks up with the number selection screen unable to be removed so you can watch the drawing. I really love the app, but they are forever screwing it up with the changes they make

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago Marc765


Please fix this terrible app! Worst app I have ever used!

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago lottery player 1

Can not sign in

Of course i have internet access. Lousy app

    Gepubliceerd: 5 months ago chomfre


I love the idea of being able to cash from phone. Now just add Pay Vouchers so those can be cashed since there is no where to physically take ticket to be cashed per the lockdown.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago openohio

Needs to be improved

Can’t get the scanner to work & the EPlay slips aren’t accessible half of the time. I get a message that I’m not connected to the internet, which is not the case.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago 44135cd

Used to work great.

This app worked GREAT UNTIL TODAYS “FIX”! What the heck?! I can’t access anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled. please fix!!

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago Amerd66

Cash out option is not available

I have updated the app. Deleted and reinstalled it multiple times but still don’t get the cash out option for winning tickets.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago PacifistYogi

Doesn’t work

Tried cashing a winning scratch ticket, keeps giving error message that it can’t find a record that matches my legal name and social. Weird because it has been my legal name and S.S. number for 50 years. My wife tried hers, same error. Junk.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago PJ Boss Man

Use it ever day!!

I use the app every day for my saved ePayslips which is easier for me and the Tellers. As an ePayslip user, I want the ability to go to the next saved ePayslip while I have an ePayslip open so that I don’t have to go back to Home/Saved ePayslip each time. I usually scan at least 4 tickets when I go. As an ePayslip user I want the ability to enter more numbers on a ticket. As an Ohio Lottery app user I want the ability to purchase tickets from the app.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago gmoneylex


The app is easy to access however, half the time the scanner always reads an error “oops something went wrong” or “unavailable at this time” this occurred numerous times a day.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago MegBx2

Where is the new update

I couldnt update ohio lottery app to version 7 to use the cashing online

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago Devrim1978


Used this app for years. The monthly limit should be removed as I often have tickets I have to set aside to scan later for the next month and I hate having the clutter sit around. The concept of cashing winners through the app is fantastic until after several attempts it’s noticeably only $50-5000 winners. any winner (even $1!) should be able to be processed. You don’t have to let $1 be a cash out but even if you made people hit a cash out of $10 or $20 before they could transfer would be great in my opinion. I’m always fumbling with $1-2 & 5 dollar winners and it’d be perfect to be able to scan and toss without making a special trip back to the store.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago ElizabethAnn217

Poorly Written App

This app is poorly written and confusing. It appears to say one thing but mean another with the whole Ticket Cashing Option. ONLY tickets of $50 up to $5,000 can be cashed. Since the majority of prizes given out by the Ohio Lottery fall well below this threshold, not many customers will be able to utilize this option. An option to accumulate more than $50 and utilize the option. Whoever writes the instructions and promo was NOT clear on this “option”. Again, a very THIRD RATE APP and poorly written and executed instructions. When you call in, the Ohio Lottery Representatives are smug, sarcastic and very off putting. Another TYPICALLY RUN STATE AGENCY. If they had to make it in the real world this would FAIL MISERABLY.

    Gepubliceerd: 6 months ago Davidcmh60

New update doesn’t work

I have updated, uninstalled and reinstalled to try to cash in my tickets. Nothing works. I tried on both my mobile device and my iPad. No feature to cash in tickets. I followed the u tube instructions also horrible

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Here’s how to scan check your lottery tickets without going to a store

OHIO — With the Mega Millions jackpot reaching well over 1 billion dollars Tuesday night, many people have hundreds of tickets to check. If you don’t want to try and pick through all of the numbers and risk you make a mistake there is an easy solution that should cut your ticket checking time in half.

If you own a smartphone you can download the Ohio Lottery App which has a feature that allows you to easily scan ticket bar-codes.

Once you open the app you just simply hit the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and it will prompt you to take a picture of the ticket’s bar-code. The app will then tell you if you have a winning ticket. If you decided to get risky and buy multiple tickets or if you were in a major office lottery pool this option is an easy way to double check all of your numbers.

This application will work for any Ohio Lottery game including: Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and any scratch off instant game.

Here is a quick way to check your Ohio lottery tickets to see if you are a winner ]]>