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Monopoly Bingo! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Monopoly Bingo! is a new twist on the familiar game by TeamLava. Like the vast wealth of other bingo games out there, the core gameplay is about the same, but the loads of collectibles and boosts in this game make it a unique enough experience. Your goal is to explore the various neighborhoods of Monopoly, play bingo and earn rewards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monopoly Bingo!

As you level up in this game, you unlock the ability to play with more and more cards at the same time. Don’t rush, though. Don’t play with more cards until you know that you can keep up – unless, like my wife, you’re a very experienced mobile bingo player, in which case, go right for it. But be sure to keep up with the winning bingo combos, especially the four-corners combinations.

Tap the energy bar as soon as you get one bonus, because this provides a variety of bonuses, such as free daubs at random, a star on the board, cash squares and gem squares. A star on the board is easily the best one, because if you daub the star, you will have an instant bingo. The others, of course, can lead to a faster bingo or better boosts.

The free daub boost allows you to daub spaces for free, but use the chance card boost to see what’s going to be called next, and daub the numbers ahead of time. Then wait until the numbers are called, and you can hit the bingo button faster than anyone else. The faster that you hit the button, the better your chances of beating other players to the punch.

A number of quests in this game involve random other games by Team Lava, such as Dragon Story or Farm Story 2. They don’t show the rewards that you get for doing this, but download and play those games and then refer back to the quest menu to complete the quests in Monopoly Bingo for excellent rewards, such as gems or dice.

Add friends on Facebook and you can send gifts back and forth with them. If you have no friends that play the game, then go to the review section of the App Store page for Monopoly Bingo, or go to the Facebook fan pages or to the article section of this game. Find add me posts, or posts your own in order to get more adds, then you will have more people to send gifts back and forth with.

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Monopoly Bingo! is a new twist on the familiar game by TeamLava. Like the vast wealth of other bingo games out there, the core gameplay is about the same, but

How to Earn Extra Rewards in Monopoly Bingo, Tips and Tricks

Monopoly Bingo is developed by TeamLava. The game is available on android and iOS platforms. Loaded with lots of collectibles and boosts it is a fun filled game.In this game player explores Monopoly and play Bingo at each halts and earn rewards.

The gameplay is similar to the other Bingo games but has the twist of Monopoly. Here are the tips and tricks for you to earn more and more rewards in Monopoly Bingo.

Energy Bar:

To win more and more bonuses like a star on board, gem squares, cash squares and free daubs just tap on your Energy Bar immediately after you get one bonus. To get a instant Bingo the star on board is the best bonus.

Using Cards:

The ability to play with more cards unlocks as you clear more and more levels and go further. But do not rush to play with many cards. First check your ability to play the game and use the cards accordingly. Try to win Bingo Combos. The Four- Corner Bingos are important don’t miss them.

Random Quests:

The developers have put in random quests in this game based on different TeamLava games. The games like Farm Story and Dragon Story are included as quests. But see that you download and play only that games that will take you back to the quest menu of Monopoly Bingo. Complete the quests in the game to earn rewards like gems and dice.

Free Daub Boost:

With the free daub boost you can daub the spaces for free. Along with this use the chance card boost. This will help you to know what will be called next. You’ll get to know the numbers that will be called. then wait for the numbers to be called and now hit the Bingo Button before your opponents. The faster you hit the button , more are the chances are there for you to win.

Friends and gifts:

You can add your friends on your Facebook profile to get more gifts. If none of your friends are playing the game, go to App store and open the page of Monopoly Bingo and click on review section. Also you can go to the Facebook fan page and click on add me posts or post your own. you can have more people who will send you the gifts.

Check out this guide on how to earn more rewards in Monopoly Bingo Monopoly Bingo is developed by TeamLava. The game is available on android and iOS ]]>