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The Betgames Lucky 7 is an instant lottery, whose odds can increase your stake up to 2000.0. As the lottery has 42 balls of two different colors, it offers a player dozens of markets and combinations to bet on. On this page, we propose you to get the Lucky 7 results of the previous 5 drawings to develop the individual betting strategy. Moreover, here we give you plenty of information about the lottery’s rules, so keep reading this text if you’re interested in meaningful playing.

Surely, the results and rules are not a complete answer to a ‘how to win Lucky 7?’ question. However, they give you the right direction in choosing the betting markets and the balls’ numbers or colors. It is the half of success — the other significant half is your luck and intuition. So, if you feel lucky today, dive deeper into the atmosphere of Lucky 7 rules and lotto results.

How to predict the Lucky Seven numbers

If you visit the Lucky 7 betting page, you will see dozens of betting markets, which may seem confusing at first. Nevertheless, the basics of the lottery are very simple. Each ball has a number from 1 to 42 and color — either yellow or black. The precise balls’ colors are mentioned on our Lucky 7 odds page.

During each Lucky 7 drawing, 7 balls are dropped. On YesPlay, you can place the following types of bets on Lucky 7:

  • Numbers. Choose which numbers will (or won’t) appear during the Lucky 7 drawing, and increase your stake up to 2000 times.
  • Black/Yellow balls total. Predict the total sum of all the black/yellow balls in the draw. In the case of winning, your stake will be multiplied on 1.9.
  • Total Sum. Predicting the sum of all numbers correctly will increase your stake up to 19 times.
  • Total Count. Depending on the betting option, predicting the total count of either yellow or black balls may multiply your stake on up to 200.
  • Odd/Even. Predicting the counts of the odd/even numbers or their order may bring you up to x3.9 stake increase.
  • Black/Yellow. Predicting the color of a particular ball (first, last, etc.) multiplies your stake on 1.9.

As you see, predicting the Lucky Seven numbers is not complicated, but it can make you rich. Start with the simplest bets, gradually climbing to the complicated markets. And remember that fortune favors the bold ones.

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How long will it take for you to find out how to win Lucky 7? This can be checked only on practice. But if Lucky 7 won’t become your favorite even after trying to play it, don’t get frustrated. We have many other non-instant lotteries — UK49s, Gosloto, Daily Million, etc. If you love instant lottos but still don’t get the concept of Lucky 7, try Lucky 5 or Lucky 6.

Place bets and check lotto results from your smartphone or laptop thanks to our mobile version. We’ve already tested it on dozens of devices to deliver the smoothest user experience to you.

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The Lucky Seven lottery is not just another way to diversify your leisure time. This game allows you to feel the gambling excitement, to have fun, and also to earn some money! Moreover, the lottery has more balls than the Lucky 5 and Lucky 6, and its versatile ways of play are definitely worth exploring. So, why don’t you try your luck now with

Nobody can tell you for sure, how to win Lucky 7. However, that makes the playing process even more interesting! Try to guess numbers and colors, make assumptions, and enjoy the really fast draws. With YesPlay, it’s all possible!

How to play Lucky 7

To get your first generous Lucky 7 reward, you’ll need to learn how to play this lottery correctly. Don’t worry — it’s not complicated at all. In the Lucky 7 game, there are 42 balls, numbered from 1 to 42. Half of the balls are yellow, and the others are black. In each draw, 7 balls are randomly chosen. So, you can try to predict the following Lucky Seven results:

  • numbers of balls that will or won’t be dropped in the draw. You can choose either from 1 to 4 balls, which you think will definitely be dropped, or 7 balls, from 1 to 5 of which you think will be dropped. In addition to that, you can choose either 1 or 7 numbers, which you think won’t appear in the draw.
  • the sum of the numbers on the balls of a particular color;
  • a total sum of the numbers on all lucky balls;
  • the count of the balls of a particular color;
  • whether the count of the odd balls will exceed the count of the even balls;
  • whether the sum of all balls’ numbers will be odd or even;
  • the parity of the particular balls’ numbers;
  • whether there will be more yellow or black balls;
  • the colors of the particular balls.

Just imagine how many winning combinations are there in the Lucky 7 game! Consider also that fact, that the draws usually take place every 2-3 minutes. So, you can try different styles of play, and develop your own strategy for the Lucky 7 lottery.

Now that you know how to play Lucky 7, you can immerse into the exciting atmosphere of betting and risking. Hurry up to partake in the next draw! By the way, if you correctly predict the numbers of the 4 balls, which will be dropped in the next game, you will increase your bet in 2000 times. Have you ever imagined such a big profit?

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Predicting the Lucky Seven results isn’t always simple, but is always funny. Take a risk with YesPlay! The odds here are stable, the draws and payments are fast, and the playing process is transparent. So, it’s time to bet on one of the world’s most popular lotteries with YesPlay, and feel the sweet taste of winning!

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