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Lottoland Review – What We Do

In a short space of time, Lottoland has become a globally recognised brand. Most players want to know that their money and data are safe in our hands. There are myths about the company, what it does, chances of winning and so on. Most of all, there are concerns that the company is running a scam to rip people off. Most people do not understand how the company works and there is an understandable amount of scepticism.

Read on for a comprehensive Lottoland review featuring some of our biggest winners where we explain exactly how Lottoland works and why our approach gives you far more choice and more ways to win compared to traditional, ticket-based lottery operators.

Does Lottoland Scam Customers?

Is Lottoland safe? Is Lottoland legal/legit? That’s one of the biggest questions people ask before playing lotteries through us. These are two separate questions. One asks whether your money is safe, the second asks whether what we’re doing is above board. Particular concerns focus on whether or not we guarantee that you will win an equivalent prize.

We are fully licensed and regulated by:

  • The Irish National Excise Licence Office
  • The UK Gambling Commission requiring rigorous inspections and proof that we can honour big wins
  • Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA).
    (This is especially important as it requires that any winners receive the full prize)

These oversee the UK and Ireland’s biggest gambling companies. As a global agent, we are held to the same standards.

So no, the Lottoland scam myth is just that – a myth. Lottoland is legal and legit. Our license is fully reliant on our ability to pay out our players’ winnings, swiftly and reliably, while remaining fully transparent with regards to our operations and financial situation. We are required to maintain the highest of standards in order to be able to keep our licence, including paying out on any jackpot wins.

How Does Lottoland Work?

Lottoland offers New Zealand residents the chance to bet on a wide range of international lotteries. We do not act as a lottery agent. Instead, you bet on the outcome of the official draw and win the same prizes as the official lottery. A Lotto payout is always guaranteed, small and large wins, which you may withdraw whenever you wish.

We guarantee that even the biggest jackpots are paid out. Whether you win $5 million or $500 million, we have a robust insurance system coverage. Since December 2015, we’ve created many millionaires across the world, including some right here in New Zealand. Our world record holder is a German woman named Christina who won €90 Million!

Lottoland offers a fantastic range of different international lotto draws, including PowerBall, Mega Millions, Polish Lotto and Irish Lotto. Alongside these there are exclusive jackpots like Cash4Life and KeNow which only we provide. No matter where you are in the world, you can bet on the outcomes of these draws regardless of their geographical location. The unrivalled level of choice and different features are just two of the reasons people choose Lottoland lottery betting.

Is Lottoland Safe? Is My Personal Data Safe?

We are legally required to take all the necessary steps to ensure personal information shared with us remains secure. It is stored in accordance with international data protection legislation. Everything we do is monitored and checked by official 3rd parties who ensure we are always providing the best possible services to our customers. This includes all personal data including your payment details. Lottoland only holds the last four digits of your card number. The full number is stored with our payment service provider Adyen. They too must undergo stringent tests every year through Visa and MasterCard to ensure compliance with PCI DSS and so to be able to handle the payments annually.

Further, Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission are licensed by the Irish National Excise Licence Office. Their requirements also include customer and payment data as part of our licensing conditions.

Why Does Lottoland Require my ID?

Is Lottoland safe when it comes to my official ID? It’s a valid question and nobody likes giving out personal information online. However, Lottoland is required by law to verify your identity. It’s part of the terms of our gaming license and not indicative of a Lottoland scam.

We use your data for the following reasons:

  • Facilitating prize payment
  • Identity confirmation
  • Protecting you from fraud to ensure only you can claim your prize
  • Offering you personalised support
  • Asking for ID also prevents underage players

As a final note, we are fully licensed and regulated. Your details are safe with us and won’t be passed or sold to a third party. If ypu want to get further information please read our article: Why Lottoland Needs Your ID Information

Can I Legally Play Powerball, Megamillions and Others from New Zealand?

Yes, no matter where you are in the world, you may bet on any lotteries outside your home country. This is legal as you are not playing those lotteries but betting on them. To buy an official ticket, you must be present in the country. Some countries stipulate that you must be a resident to claim the prizes. Lottery betting with Lottoland provides an alternative way for New Zealanders players to participate. Your chances of winning are about the same, as is the prize value.

Our main objective is to provide our players with international lottery options without having to buy an airplane ticket! For example, from New Zealand you can now play the UK or French, German, Swedish or Polish Lotto without travelling. We also allow you to bet on EuroJackpot, the other big European lottery. It’s not so well known here but is popular in the Germanic and Scandinavian countries. Add to that the Spanish “El Gordo” and the two American games MegaMillions and PowerBall. This is just a small selection.

To answer the question is Lottoland legal, the answer is yes. We and you are not breaking any laws.

Why Do Powerball Ticket Prices Keep Increasing?

Big lotteries like Powerball have jackpots worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Our insurance covers this if a Lottoland player wins. The downside is that our premiums rise for such enormous jackpots. To remain financially viable and able to pay prizes, Lottoland must also raise prices accordingly or stop selling tickets altogether. In extreme cases, such as the $1 Billion Powerball jackpot, options such as the Double Jackpot may be disabled as the cost of a ticket would be astronomical. However apart from the very rare circumstances when there are extraordinarily large jackpots prices will remain at the base level.

How Are Lottoland Prizes Paid? What Happens if I Win But No One Wins the Official Lottery?

A win with Lottoland is no different than if you had bought a ticket for the official lottery. This will usually only apply to the first-place jackpot as lower tier prizes are static or not affected much by having an extra winner. Here are some possible scenarios for winning a hypothetical $100 million jackpot at Lottoland:

You have the winning numbers and no one wins the official jackpot: You would win as if you were the only winner and take the $100 million pot to yourself. The official lottery would continue to rollover.

You have the winning numbers and 1 person wins the official jackpot: You would win as if you were the 2nd winner of the official lottery and therefore win a 50% share of the jackpot or $50 million.

You have the winning numbers and 2 people win the official jackpot: You would win as if you were the third winner of the official lottery and take a 1/3rd share of the official pot or approximately $33.33 million, and so on.

You have the winning numbers along with one other Lottolander, and 2 people win the official jackpot: You would win as if you were the fourth winner of the official lottery and take a 1/4 share of the official pot or $25 million.

Am I Required to Pay US Taxes if I win an American Lottery?

At Lottoland you win the same amount of money as you would if you bought an official lottery ticket. For American lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball this means that you get your winnings paid out as an annuity over 30 years and less the 35% you would pay in state and federal taxes (as state taxes on gambling vary from state to state this is an average). So, while you do not pay any taxes, the winning amount you receive will be the same amount as a US-based winner would receive after tax was deducted from their winnings.

Do I Pay Tax on Any Winnings Here in New Zealand?

You do not pay any taxes on your winnings in New Zealand because winnings from gambling are not taxable. For most European lotteries like EuroMillions and EuroJackpot you will be paid the full amount as a lump sum as most European countries don’t tax gambling winnings. The main exception to this European rule is the Spanish Xmas Lottery and El Gordo Primativa where your winnings would be less 20% as gambling winnings are taxed in Spain, and you will receive the same amount that a Spanish winner would get after tax.

Lottoland Reviews Online

Lottoland’s success is thanks to our customers and the positive reception we receive from them online. We have big plans for the future and do not plan to stand still. The mistaken belief that Lottoland is not legit or legal or is operating a scam is quickly dismissed once you start playing.

We welcome constructive criticism as it motivates us to improve. We would like to thank all our users for every opinion about Lottoland. Your comments are extremely valuable to us. Many of you have already given us positive feedback on the internet and we thank you very much. If you want to share your opinion about Lottoland you can do it on the Lottoland TRUSTPLAY website.

Lottoland Exclusives and Bonuses

Lottoland offers several exclusives including Special Jackpots and Rollover Reloads. These great jackpot boosts give our Lottolanders the chance to win bigger prizes through Lottoland than they would through the main draws.

We also offer a DoubleJackpot on most draws. With this incredible option you can double your potential winnings any time you want. It doesn’t matter if the jackpot is a few million or a billion!

Faster, More Convenient

Desktop, tablet or mobile, Lottoland’s website and app allow you to bet on your favourite lotteries wherever you are. We also offer our customers the ability to bulk buy bet slips up to a year in advance, meaning there is no risk of missing a single draw.

When it comes to wins, Lottoland pays out faster than anyone else around. Jackpot winners in most draws must wait several months between confirming their win and starting their millionaire lifestyles.

For those who win with Lottoland, they’re jetting off to their new life in half the time. We have paid out more than a Billion euros in prizes globally, including an incredible prize of €90 million to our exclusive Lottoland winner Christina.

Award Winning

If you need any further proof that Lottoland is legit, we are an industry leader.

In 2015, we received awards at the EGR Operator Awards ceremony in the ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Alternative Operator’ categories. This is the most prestigious award in the gaming industry and includes over 700 of the world’s biggest online gaming firms.

In 2016 we were awarded Best Lottery App at the Gaming App Awards and Innovative Start-up at the 2016 EGR Operator Marketing and Innovation Awards.

In February 2017 we were awarded the prize Lottery Operator of the Year at the renowned IGA Awards. Lottoland also managed to scoop the prestigious ‘Lottery Operator of the Year’ award at the EGR Operator Awards in 2017.

Contact Lottoland Direct

For further information on Lottoland take a look at our ‘About Us’ section, or contact one of our customer service team. And don’t forget that if you’d like to make a comment below this article, we will be more than happy to respond to you there.

How does Lottoland work? Is Lottoland a scam? How can Lottoland pay out $1 billion jackpots? Answers to these and other frequently asked questions about Lottoland.

Man fails to get $201m Lottoland payout for lottery he might have won — had he been eligible

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A foreign citizen who was ineligible to enter an Australian lottery has failed in his bid to get Lottoland to pay a $700 million fine, as well as paying him $201 million on the basis that he would have won that amount — if his bet had been successful.

Key points:

  • The man was ineligible to enter as a Sri Lankan national, which is on Lottoland’s excluded countries list
  • He was refunded the $50 he had spent on three bets, two which were unsuccessful and one which was voided
  • He sought $201 million in compensation on the basis he would have won that amount if his third bet had won

The Sri Lankan national was living in Perth at the time he placed three bets totalling $50 on April 18 and 19 last year.

Two of the bets were unsuccessful and the third was voided when Lottoland identified the man as being a national of a country on its excluded list.

He had spoken with a Lottoland employee about setting up an account and said he was a temporary resident in Australia, from Sri Lanka, and asked whether he was eligible.

The man was advised that in order to have his account verified, he would need to provide proof of identity and proof of address, and to review Lottoland’s terms and conditions of entry.

But he was also advised to nominate Australia as his country of residence.

One of Lottoland’s terms states that it “is entitled to void a bet at any time if the player is found to be or has been in breach at any time” of its terms, one of which being that players not be from a country on the excluded list.

Sri Lanka is listed as an excluded country by Lottoland’s Financial Action Task Force as part of its anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing compliance processes.

“The complainant states that after receiving misleading information from a Lottoland employee, the complainant was able to open a wagering account with Lottoland and place three bets totalling $50 despite the fact that the complainant is a citizen of a country whose citizens and residents are excluded from opening a wagering account with Lottoland,” the Northern Territory Racing Commission stated in its decision, released this week.

“The complainant is concerned that had any of his wagers been successful, Lottoland would not have paid out the wagers as winning bets, which may have resulted in negative health consequences for the complainant.

The day after Lottoland voided the man’s account, he lodged a complaint with the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

Man sought $700m fine

Lottoland advised the man he would be refunded the $15 of his voided bet, and eventually also agreed to refund the $35 the man had spent on two losing bets before his account was cancelled.

The bookmaker apologised for the error and advised the complainant that the issue had been raised with the employee he spoke to in order to avoid the issue recurring.

Woo hoo, I’ve won the lottery! What happens next?

While many of us fantasise about becoming overnight millionaires, few will ever experience the surreal reality of a lottery win.

“The complainant is seeking payment from Lottoland of $201 million being the amount he would have won had his third wager been a winning wager,” the report stated.

“The complainant is also seeking for the commission to penalise Lottoland in the amount of $700 million being the total of the winning wagers for each of the lotteries the complainant placed a wager on.”

The commission found that despite the advice provided to the man to list his address as Australia, he was in breach of Lottoland’s terms and conditions when he “provided incorrect information” that he was not a person on the excluded list when registering his account.

The man’s bets were therefore not lawful, the commission stated.

“This being the case, had the wagers that were placed been winning wagers (which all three wagers were not) they were bets in the Commission’s view that were not lawful in accordance with the Act and as such would not have been payable as winning bets,” the Commission said.

A foreign citizen who was ineligible to enter an Australian lottery has failed in his bid to get Lottoland to pay a $700 million fine, as well as paying him $201 million on the basis that he would have won that amount — if his bet had been successful.