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  • United States: MEGA Millions, Hot Lotto, Hoosier Lotto, Florida Lotto, California SuperLotto Plus, Powerball
  • United Kingdom: UK National Lotto, UK National Thunderball
  • European Union: Euro Millions
  • Canada: Canada Lotto 6/49
  • Brazil: Mega-Sena, Euro jackpot
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LottoLishus- Different and Worth a Try

LottoLishus is different from your regular online lottery websites. Is it good or bad is what we are going to decode. This website basically helps you win through lottery pooling. But, this is not the usual lottery pooling that you are used to. For a weekly membership fee and the cost of the ticket, you can participate in MegaMillions and PowerBall online. You can choose to play both the games together or play one game at a time.

This website allows you a unique way of playing the above mentioned games. You can play the biggest known lotto games MegaMillions and PowerBall in a more fun and interesting manner. Let us see how it works. You subscribe to a specific package and every week you will automatically be playing the games on their stipulated dates. If at any point you wish to discontinue you can always get your subscription cancelled without any problem.

LottoLishus- Key Features

This website only allows you one funding method; and that is via credit cards. So, this can be seen as a disadvantage over most websites that allow you almost all sorts of funding methods. The website is also available in English only. So, this is not really catering to a global audience.

I tried looking for reviews online and found a good mix of happy and disgruntled customers on the internet. Withdrawal of the winnings is not as easy as most of the contemporary websites. In fact, in certain cases the winnings seem to have taken almost 2 months to reach the players. This is possibly the biggest drawback any lottery site could have, given the speed at which winnings are transferred by good websites.

Customer support with LottoLishus could improve a great deal. For starters, it does not have a helpline number. To contact them you will have to rely on snail mail and social media options such as Facebook or Twitter. This should be one of the reasons why you should not go with LottoLishus.

The website looks pretty simple and since a lot is not going on with the games the website has to offer; navigating and understanding the way it works hasn’t been too difficult. However, the information provided on the FAQ page of the website is vague and half baked. You could participate in the LottoLishus lottery pooling through your laptop or your mobile device. This makes it really simple for you to keep a track of the games and its results.

Play Online Lottery Responsibly

While choosing any online lottery website you need to keep the safety factor in mind. LottoLishus is considered safe and there is no bad rep in the market as far as safety and security of this website is concerned. Your private information will not be shared with anyone and you can safely participate in the lottery pooling. Simplistic lottery pooling such as this is not offered by most websites. Any layman who spends some amount of time on the website will easily be able to figure out how to play with LottoLishus.

If you are apprehensive about online lottery there are a few things that I would like to remind. Online lottery is more secure than offline purchasing of tickets and participating in the games; and let me add a more time consuming process.

Online lottery games such as LottoLishus comes with the option of guaranteed payouts. Even though LottoLishus is known for delaying the payouts, it reaches you nonetheless. You are not at risk of losing out on your winnings just because you lost the ticket or forgot about the game. The website will keep you updated on the games you play so that you can keep a track of the results.

Online lottery games such as LottoLishus do not come with any geographic limitation. You can participate in these internationally recognized online lottery games without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even participate in the games while you are on the move. This is extremely convenient and something you cannot really expect when you are purchasing tickets from your local agent. And let us not forget; the jackpot on these games is bigger and chances of winning small amounts much higher.

Do pay a lot of attention to the customer care support of the online lottery website you choose to buy your tickets from; in this case pooling lottery from. A good customer care is sacrosanct when it comes to online lottery. If you are not getting good response from the team and they are unable to satisfy your queries, you need to look for a different website for your online lottery needs.

In case of LottoLishus, you get to participate in the biggest names in online lottery and increase your chances of winning by a great deal. And lottery pooling is perhaps a better way of starting out because it minimizes risks and maximizes returns. Set out a specific budget for your online lottery games and do not exceed that budget. There is a thin line that separates these games from gambling. You should not get addicted and understand that at the end of the day winning a jackpot is about luck anyway. Till then you could keep winning small amounts and enjoy online lottery as it is meant to be.

Lotto Lishus Our Rating Play Options Simple Syndicate Mobile Support United States: MEGA Millions, Hot Lotto, Hoosier Lotto, Florida Lotto, California SuperLotto

LottoLishus Launches the World’s Largest Online Lottery Pool

Increase both your fun and your chances of winning from the comfort of your phone, tablet or PC

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Nov 13, 2014, 08:45 ET

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FRESNO, Calif. , Nov. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Every day, millions of people enjoy the thrill of buying lottery tickets and participating in office pools. What if that process was faster, easier and even increased your chances to win? One company, LottoLishus, has launched a social lottery pooling website that is bringing lottery pooling into the 21 st century.

“Technology has touched almost every aspect of our lives in the past few years except for lottery pooling,” said David Hardcastle , co-founder and CEO of LottoLishus. “We saw an opportunity to combine lottery pooling, which has been around since lotteries began, with the convenience of modern technology and ease of sharing with social media.”

Lottery sales globally are close to $300 billion dollars annually and growing at a steady 8-10% rate every year according to the “La Fleur’s 2014 World Lottery Almanac”. LottoLishus hopes to tap into that huge market and if signs are any indication, they are already on their way with people playing from Australia , Canada , New Zealand , Singapore , Kenya , Guatemala , and as well as multiple states in the U.S after just a few short weeks.

Not only is LottoLishus a global lottery pool where you can play with friends across the street or around the world, LottoLishus actually increases your chances of winning. “LottoLishus makes playing fun and convenient while increasing your chances to win,” said Mark Lane co-founder and President of LottoLishus. “Our patent pending software will allow our pool to grow to thousands and hopefully millions of players and tickets in play. Every one of our players will have a chance to win on all those tickets. The more players we have, the more chances everyone has to win.”

With its patent pending software, LottoLishus is turning the pooling concept on its head by allowing an unlimited number of people and tickets in the pool. It can do this because each winning ticket is split just eleven ways. “No matter how big the pool gets, winning tickets will never be diluted,” continues Mr. Lane.

And sharing the fun and growing your pool is easy with the built social sharing links. LottoLishus is literally the only social game that could make its players instant millionaires. Best of all, this can all be done quickly and easily from smartphones, tablets or a PC.

LottoLishus offers players three ways to win every draw:

  1. Their own personal ticket where they keep 50% of the win
  2. Their own “personal lottery pool universe” where they win 5% from every winning ticket in their pool.
  3. “Meteor Strikes” where players have a chance to win 5% from every winning ticket in the entire LottoLishus lottery pool.

“We’ve only been playing a short time and I’ve already shared in wins from players in New Zealand and the U.S., from players I don’t even know!” says Mr. Hardcastle. “But that’s the power of the pool.”

Some statistics on the lottery market:

  • The worldwide lottery market is estimated at $284 billion according to the “La Fleur’s 2014 World Lottery Almanac”.
  • The largest jackpot in Mega Millions, as well as in American lottery, history was $656 million .
  • The largest Mega Millions prize was $319 million for the single winning ticket of the March 25, 2011 drawing.
  • 24% of lottery players are 55-64, making it the highest age demographic.
  • 54% of lottery players are males.
  • 41% of lottery players have advanced degrees (Masters, Ph.D., M.D., etc.)

“LottoLishus means no more standing in huge lines at the convenience stores, no more having to manually keep track and check a stack of tickets, and no more hassle of having to collect your winnings,” continues Hardcastle. “It’s really the next evolution in lottery play. Super convenient and increases your chances to win. Why would ever want to play the old way again?”

Learn more and sign up today at

LottoLishus is changing the way people play lotteries through the world’s largest online lottery pool. LottoLishus makes lottery pools easy and fun for families, friends, coworkers and people from around the world. With patent-pending technology in the palm of your hand, LottoLishus increases the chances of winning as the pool universe increases. Get in on the fun today by signing up at

Media Contact: Sara Madiuk , Email, 1-888-317-4687 ext. 701.

/PRNewswire/ — Every day, millions of people enjoy the thrill of buying lottery tickets and participating in office pools. What if that process was faster,…