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How to Play Russian Lotto (Russian Bingo) ?

“Russian Lotto” is an exciting game, similar to “Bingo”, which is designed to entertain a large crowd of friends with its dynamic game play. This unbelievably popular, traditionally Russian game, was developed centuries ago, but still retains its place as one of the most played board games among friends and family.

Game Variations

Just like all other dynamic and popular games, Russian Lotto has many different variations. For example, the game may be played for “interest” or, say, for buttons. At the beginning of each game, every player bets a set amount of betting currency per game card. The main game variants are as follows:

“Regular Lotto” – the first player to cover all the numbers on a game card wins;

“Short Lotto” – the first player to complete a single line on a game card wins;

“Three-On-Three” – when the top row is completed by a player, everyone else doubles his/her bet for the game. As the middle row is completed by a player, he or she takes half of the bet back. Finally, the first player to complete the bottom row wins the whole pot.

Starting the Game

Before the game can begin, the host is chosen from among the players. The host is given a bag with small, numbered, barrel-shaped pieces of wood or plastic, called “kegs.” Depending on the players’ preferences, the host may, or may not be allowed to play Lotto. While drawing and presenting the numbers from the bag. Every player then randomly selects a game card(s). In “Regular” and “Short” Lotto, every player has an equal number of game cards. In “Three-On-Three,” each game card is purchased, so that greater number of cards increases the odds of winning, but also increases the total bet of a player.

Game Play

The host thoroughly shuffles the “kegs” and begins to draw them from the bag one by one, calling out the number, written on each. As each number is called, the players check their game cards and mark off, or close, the matched numbers on their cards. This process continues until one of the players completes the whole card, winning the round.


1 – “stake,” 3 – “the three,” 10 – “bulls eye,” 11 – “drumsticks,” 12 – “dozen,” 13 – “Devil’s dozen,” 18 – “for the first time,” 22 – “ducklings,” 25 – “again 25,” 44 – “chairs,” 50 – “half-a-hundred,” 55 – “gloves,” 66 – “felt boots,” 69 – “there-and-back,” 77 – “axes,” 88 – “grandma,” 89 – “grandpa’s neighbor,” 90 – “grandpa.”

Russian Lotto is an exciting game, similar to “Bingo”, which is designed to entertain a large crowd of friends with its dynamic game play.

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Lotto (English)
Lotto is a game that is played like bingo, but pictures are used instead of numbers. This is a printable version of the game. Printing on card stock (heavy paper) works well. For a more durable game, glue the printed pages to cardboard (like old cereal boxes) and then cut out the cards and boards.

The Rules : To play, you need to print out the deck of picture cards and at least one board for each player. Each player will also need a dozen or so dried beans or pennies to mark their board.

Each player gets a game board (which shows 16 pictures). Someone picks cards from the deck (it can be the teacher, or the players can take turns picking a card), and if a player has that picture on their board, they cover it with a penny or a dried bean. The winner is the first person to cover 4 pictures in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). The winner calls out “Lotto!” or “Loteria!”

Print up all the cards, and as many boards as there are people playing.

Lotto (English): ]]>