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Lottery sentence examples

I used to play the lottery too.

He was full of literary projects, and immediately after his return he is said to have increased his fortune immensely by a lucky lottery speculation.

In 1630 a scheme to bring water from I-Ioddesdon on the Lea was promoted by aid of a lottery licensed by Charles I.

They draw a lottery from the 4,000 or so who want to ride.

They still had a Bank Note Reporter to print, and soon got the printing of a tri-weekly paper, the Constitutionalist, the organ of some lottery dealers.

The principal monopolies yielded as follows: salt monopoly, £1 0,000; tobacco monopoly, £2,850,000; lottery monopoly, £105,000.

I don’t use history to predict the future, like some talisman that lets me pick winning lottery numbers (don’t I wish).

There were further handed over, under the Muharrem decree, to the public debt council, the tribute of Bulgaria, the amount of which has never even been fixed, but as compensation for which the tobacco tithe up to a yearly amount of £Tioo,000 was ceded to the council in the same conditions as the ” six indirect contributions “; the proportional shares (generally known as the ” contributive 1 For simplicity’s sake, the lottery bonds having a special treatment different from that of the rest of the loans, these groups, when the new bonds of the reduced debt were exchanged against the old bonds of the original loans, became ” series ” thus: Series A, group i.; series B, group ii.;.

The above 25% is to be employed as additional sinking fund for the unified debt and lottery bonds, in the proportion of 60% and 40% respectively.

The principal items of revenue are customs and excise, land and house tax, stamps, railways, legal fees, the state lottery and death duties.

Thus Clement XI., at war with Austria in 1708, debased the currency; Clement (1730-1740) issued paper money and set up a government lottery , excommunicating all subjects who put their money into the lotteries of Genoa or Naples; Benedict XIV.

Howe (1816-1883) as postmaster-general in President Arthur’s cabinet, taking an active part in the suppression of the Louisiana Lottery , and in September 1884 succeeded Charles J.

You said they draw a lottery so they must have already pulled names and filled it up.

Further special stipulations regarding the Turkish lottery bonds were made, but these are, as before, omitted.

This game is a lottery game where the goal is to scratch off and win Prince Charming.

The lottery bonds receive a special treatment both in regard to interest and sinking fund; full information as to the intricate arrangements made for these bonds will be found in the decree of Muharrem and the published reports of the council of administration of the Ottoman public debt.

The people of Montevideo maintain more than forty charitable associations, including the Caridad (charity) hospital on Calle 25 de Mayo, and the insane asylum in the suburb of La Union, both built and largely supported from the proceeds of frequent lottery drawings.

The legislative session of 1892, during which four changes of ministry took place, was protracted to eight months chiefly by her determination to carry through the opium and lottery bills and to have a pliable cabinet.

Special legislation of several specified kinds is forbidden, especially by amendments of 1871 and 1892; and the constitution as adopted in 1848 prohibited the legislature’s authorizing any lottery or granting any divorce.

Among the measures and events distinguishing his term as president were the following: The meeting of the Pan-American Congress at Washington; the passage of the McKinley Tariff Bill and of the Sherman Silver Bill of 1890; the suppressing of the Louisiana Lottery ; the enlargement of the navy; further advance in civil service reform; the convocation by the United States of an international monetary conference; the establishment of commercial reciprocity with many countries of America and Europe; the peaceful settlement of a controversy with Chile; the negotiation of a Hawaiian Annexation Treaty, which, however, before its ratification, his successor withdrew from the Senate; the settlement of difficulties with Germany concerning the Samoan Islands, and the adjustment by arbitration with Great Britain of the Bering Sea fur-seal question.

and lottery bonds.

Whether or not a particular scheme constitutes an unlawful lottery is a matter which only a court can define authoritatively.

NOTES 1. Canada does not have a state backed national lottery .

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