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Lotto is a game that is played like bingo, but pictures are used instead of numbers. This is a printable version of the game.

Printing on card stock (heavy paper) works well. For a more durable game, glue the printed pages to cardboard (like old cereal boxes) and then cut out the cards and boards.

The Rules : To play, you need to print out the deck of picture cards and at least one board for each player. Each player will also need a dozen or so dried beans or pennies to mark their board.

Each player gets a game board (which shows 16 pictures). Someone picks cards from the deck (it can be the teacher, or the players can take turns picking a card), and if a player has that picture on their board, they cover it with a penny or a dried bean. The winner is the first person to cover 4 pictures in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). The winner calls out “Lotto!” or “Loteria!”

Print up all the cards, and as many boards as there are people playing.