is mobile strike pay to win

Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a mobile MMO strategy game that features extensive base-building and military fortifications in a modern war setting. Fight against millions of other players for the Head of State title, which grants protection to your allies and obstacles to your enemies.

Mobile Strike Overview

Mobile Strike is a free-to-play 2D MMO strategy game available on iOS and Android platforms, notable for its advertising that features celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger. The game includes all of the features players would expect from a modern mobile strategy game: extensive base-building, troop management, player alliances, and all-out war between opposing players. Setting itself apart from other strategy MMOs are its commander and equipment crafting systems, which allow players to level up, customize and equip their hero with the armor created from materials found around the map. Mobile Strike also features an in-game translation system that allows users from all over the world to instantly communicate with each other, much like the system found in Game of War.

Mobile Strike Key Features:

  • Construct a Massive Base – build, upgrade and defend a variety of structures that help bring you closer to the top of the game’s ranking boards.
  • Customize Your Commander – level up your commander and spend their talent points to fortify your base or military to suit your playstyle.
  • Equipment Crafting – utilize materials found in crates by converting them into a variety of crafted armor and weapons, which can be equipped to your commander to boost their stats.
  • Join an Alliance – team up with like-minded players, lending a helping hand as necessary to help allies rise to the top of the game’s PvP ladder.
  • In-Game Translator – thanks to the game’s international servers, players of all languages can talk in the world chat and automatically have their text translated into your language of choice.

Mobile Strike is a mobile MMO strategy game that features extensive base-building and military fortification in a modern war setting.