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Lucky Money – Florida Lottery

Update: The Florida Luck Money game ended as of 2019.

About Florida Lucky Money

The Florida Lottery’s Lucky Money game starts with a $500,000 that can add up to as high as $2 million. Once the game hits the $2M cap without any winners, the jackpot rolls back down and the payouts for lower prize tiers increase.

To play Lucky Money, you must pick 4 numbers from 1-47 and a Lucky Ball number from 1-17. You must match all 5 numbers (your 4 numbers and the Lucky Ball) to hit the jackpot.

You can also opt to play EZmatch with your Lucky Money ticket to boost your winnings.

How Lucky Money EZmatch Worked

You can also pay an extra $1 to add EZmatch to your Lucky Money ticket. When you do this, a random set of 5 EZmatch numbers and an instant prize amount are printed on your ticket. If any of your chosen numbers match the EZmatch numbers, you’ll win the printed prize amount. You can claim EZmatch winnings right after purchase — the retailer will just issue a continuation ticket that you can use for the official Lucky Money drawing.

Lucky Money Drawing Schedule

Lucky Money draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. You can buy eligible tickets up until 10:40 PM of the day of the drawing.

Lucky Money Payout and Odds of Winning

Lucky Money prizes can vary depending on the state of the jackpot rollover. Here are the odds of winning each prize tier and estimated prize payouts:

Everything you need to know about Florida’s Lucky Money lottery game, including rules, winning odds, payouts, results, and more.