fantasy 5 winning numbers in florida

Fantasy 5 Numbers

Below you’ll find the Fantasy 5 numbers for the last seven draws. Check back often because all the FL Fantasy 5 winning numbers will be posted here within minutes of the drawing, which takes place seven nights a week at 11:15 PM ET.

Fantasy 5 isn’t just a dream! Match 5 out of 5 numbers to win the top prize of about $200,000, that rolls down to the next prize level if no one wins it. You can also win by matching 4, 3, and even 2 numbers. Get more information on the Fantasy 5 page.

Want to check your tickets from an older draw? No problem! To see an archive of older results back to April 2010, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Past Winning Numbers.”

The latest Fantasy 5 numbers from the Florida Lottery for the last seven draws, plus archive of older winning numbers – check your tickets now

Florida Fantasy 5 Statistics

These Florida Fantasy 5 statistics are completely up-to-date and include the latest numbers. You will find a breakdown of the frequency that each Fantasy 5 ball has been drawn, in a table and graphical form.

Below that, there’s two tables showing the most-picked and least-picked numbers throughout the history of Fantasy 5. Perhaps those tables will help you pick your numbers for the next draw – the most-drawn “hot numbers” and sure to come out again? And if you are thinking that some numbers are “overdue” an appearance, then take a look at the Most Overdue Numbers.

Winding up the statistics are the most common pairs and consecutive pairs, and their triplet counterparts.

Statistics for the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery game; number frequencies, hot and cold numbers, common pairs and triplets, plus many more.