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The Jackpocket lottery app is officially available in Washington, DC!

Play your favorite DC Lottery games, join lottery pools with other players, and get the latest winning numbers—right from your phone. (Get the app here to start playing!)

DC Lottery Games on Jackpocket

We support Mega Millions, Powerball, and Lucky for Life, plus local games like DC-5. Here’s the full list of DC Lottery games available on Jackpocket:

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Lucky for Life
  • DC-2
  • DC-3
  • DC-4
  • DC-5

How Jackpocket Works in DC

Choose your lucky numbers (or Quick Pick), place your order, sit back and relax! We’ll send a scan of your ticket to the app so you don’t have to worry about losing it, and we’ll notify you if you’re a winner.

Prizes $600 and under (the threshold amount in DC) get automatically deposited into your account. For wins more than $600, we arrange to have your ticket securely transferred to you so you can claim your prize from the DC Lottery.

Where the Money Goes

When users place ticket orders through Jackpocket, the DC Lottery receives revenue that goes toward important local programs: education, parks and recreation, public safety, housing, and more. So you can feel good knowing your lottery dollars are going to great causes.

DC Lottery Winners on Jackpocket

Jackpocket players have won over $8 million to date. That includes DC lottery player Geri, who told us she used some very special numbers to win $18,300 on DC-4 (the date she started at the policy academy!).

We can’t wait to meet our next big DC winner. Get the app, and help us spread the word!

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About Us

The Jackpocket lottery app is the convenient, fun, and responsible way to play the lottery. We operate out of New York in an office of about 50 people and one Maybelle, our very photogenic office pup. Play now in Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Ready to Play?

Download the Jackpocket app and choose your lucky numbers

Play DC lotto games like Powerball, Lucky for Life, DC-4 and more! Start your own lottery pools, too.

DC Lottery App

Get results for DC Lottery games delivered straight to your Android or iOS device with the District of Columbia Lottery app. You’ll find results and information about all of the District of Columbia’s lottery games, from DC2 to DC5, as well as for national games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

You’ll also have access to a range of useful features to help you play the lottery in DC. There’s a Ticket Checker that makes it easier than ever to find out whether you’re a winner, and with the app’s customizable notifications you can choose to receive the information and results that matter most to you.

Take a look at all the features on offer in the DC Lottery app:

  • Ticket Checker – Using the app’s Ticket Checker you can perform a Quick Check to find out if a particular set of numbers has won any prizes in recent draws, which is perfect if you’ve played a Quick Pick or another set of one-off numbers. Alternatively, you can add your favorite numbers as a ticket and check them in an instant after every draw. Whichever option you go for you’ll be shown how many numbers you matched and how much you won in each drawing.
  • Number Generator – If you like to play random entries you’ll love this app’s Number Generator, as you can create as many random sets of numbers as you want. There’s a generator available for each featured game, so whichever lottery you play, you can create your next set of potential winning numbers.
  • Customizable Notifications – Use the app to receive notifications as soon as the winning numbers have been verified. You can also make sure you’re one of the first to find out when jackpots reach a certain value or when there’s a special event coming up. You can manage all of these notifications to suit your preferences. If you have your favorite DC Lottery game you can set up your alerts to only receive the winning numbers from that game; if you only play on certain days of the week you can do likewise.
  • Results Archive – In addition to the latest results the app will give you access to an extensive archive of winning numbers for all lottery games played in the DC. Whether you want to see the winning numbers from a draw last month or last decade, you’ll be able to find it through the app, as long as the game in question has been going that long!
  • Statistics – Analytically minded players will get a lot out of the app’s extensive statistics. Information from’s vast database of past results has been condensed and transformed into a range of insightful stats that you can use to help you pick your next numbers. Find out which numbers have most commonly been drawn, which are most overdue, and much more.

The DC Lottery app is completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Download the DC Lottery App to get the latest lottery results directly to your phone or tablet. Now available for free on iOS and Android. ]]>