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Powerball’s $750 million jackpot is still up for grabs. Here’s what to know.

Between the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots, there’s a combined $2.2 billion up for grabs. If you win, here’s some things you must have!

Nicole Williams scratches in her numbers for Powerball tickets at Bader’s Food Mart in downtown Louisville before Saturday’s Powerball drawing. She said if she won she’d like to travel with her children, open up a boutique and give back. (Photo: Matt Stone/The Courier-Journal) Buy Photo

While $750 million may seem like chump change compared to the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot, you still have a (very small) chance at becoming a millionaire.

The next Powerball drawing is Satruday at 10:59 p.m. ET.

Nobody claimed – although one person in Louisville won the second prize of $1 million -the jackpot in Saturday’s drawing, so that means its up for grabs again tonight.

Here’s what to know about the Powerball and tonight’s drawing:

How lucky is Kentucky when it comes to the Powerball?

Kentucky is ranked fourth for the most winners among 44 states and territories that play.

Since 1991, there have been 18 Powerball winners in Kentucky. Just last week, a Lexington store sold a $1 million Powerball ticket.

Louisville has produced 13 of those winners. (But remember: the most lottery tickets are sold in Jefferson County, making it tough to claim that Louisville is in the “luckiest” county for lottery players.)

Meanwhile, our friends in Indiana have been the luckiest in the country for Powerball players, with 39 winners, or nearly 11 percent of all winners.

Any notable Powerball winners in Kentucky?

In 2010, Rob Anderson, a Central Kentucky autoworker, bought a Powerball lottery ticket worth $126.6 million on Christmas Eve while doing some last-minute shopping at a Georgetown gas station.

Then there was the sad story of David Lee Edwards, an ex-con from Ashland, who won $27 million in 2001 but frittered it away on luxury purchases and illegal drugs before dying alone and penniless 12 years later.

How to play Powerball

Powerball tickets are $2 to play. You can buy them at Kentucky Lottery retailers or online here.

When is the cutoff time to buy tickets?

Kentuckians have until 10 p.m. to purchase that (possible) winning ticket.

You can read the rules here.

What are my odds of winning the Powerball?

To win the Powerball jackpot, your chances are about one in 292 million.

Your odds of winning the $1 million prize is a bit better at 1 in 11,688,054, according to the Kentucky Lottery.

Billy Kobin and Andrew Wolfson contributed reporting.

Hey, don't be sad about losing the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot. The $750 million Powerball drawing is Wednesday night.

Powerball Cutoff Time, Deadline: When is the Latest to Buy Ticket for $620 Million Jackpot?

There may be a Mega Millions jackpot winner but there’s still $620 million up for grabs in the Powerball drawing set for Wednesday night.

The last tickets were drawn Saturday night but there was no winner so the next drawing is set for Wednesday night. Drawings happen at 11 p.m. EDT when the six winning numbers are chosen.

Rules around the lottery vary from state to state slightly and the latest someone can buy a ticket is an hour or two before the drawing. In the Eastern time zone that means tickets are available before 9 or 10 p.m. EDT depending on the state. For those in California, the latest they could buy tickets is 7 p.m. PDT.

People who are in line when tickets stop being sold are not allowed to buy tickets. Those who wish to play have to have their tickets in hand when the lottery closes. Those tickets need to be purchased in person or directly from the state lottery online. “Lotteries may refuse to pay out prize money on Powerball tickets purchased on any website other than their own,” according to the Powerball website.

Anyone who wins can claim their winnings in the jurisdiction where they purchased the ticket. The jackpot can only be claimed at certain lottery offices because the amount is over $600. The amount of time winners have to claim their money varies depending on where they are. In some states, winners have as little as 90 days to claim their prize month while in others they have up to a year to claim their prize.

Winners can opt to get their prize money in installments or in one lump sum. The annual payments are paid out over 29 years after an initial payment and the lump sum is all paid at once. The winnings are subject to the income tax wherever the ticket was purchased, according to Powerball.

Winners won’t be contacted by email or phone by the lottery if they won. Any contact from the lottery is a scam unless there is a lottery contest going on. There is also no fee to collect the winning prize money and winners asked to pay a fee to collect are probably being scammed, according to Powerball.

The drawing is set for 11 p.m. EDT Wednesday. ]]>