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Spelunking Expeditions

Spelunking Expeditions

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September 28, 2020 October 23, 2020


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Spelunking Expeditions is a special Event game mode in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, added on September 28th, 2020 to coincide with the release of Melon Bun Cookie. This mode allows players to run with a group of players to defeat monsters. All players in an Expedition join and run on the same stage and try to get a high score as possible. The boss encountered is random, and can be defeated if everyone’s total allotted scores in the Expedition outnumbers the boss health. Expeditions can be public or private, and can have a custom title and a chat.

Completing Expeditions gives Cheese Stones, the event currency that can be exchanged for the Cheddar Mine Appraisals Post Lobby design and other rewards.

Similar to Custom Runs, Spelunking Expeditions is introduced as a one-month event “for testing purposes and gathering player’s feedback.” Spelunking Expeditions is likely to return as a recurring event like Friendly Run, or possibly a full time game mode.


  • 1 Mechanics
  • 2 Stages
    • 2.1 Maps
  • 3 Expedition Missions
    • 3.1 Expedition Level Missions
    • 3.2 Expedition Difficulty Rewards
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Mechanics [ edit | edit source ]

Participating in Expeditions costs Expedition Tickets. Similar to Hearts or Winding Keys, Expedition Tickets refill at a rate of one every 1 hour, up to a maximum of 15. 5 Tickets can also be bought for 300. One ticket is needed to join an Expedition, but it will be consumed only if the run has been started. For creating Expeditions, one ticket is consumed, but more tickets are not consumed for the first run.

There are three different difficulties, each containing 15 stages with varying bosses. All players can run in all difficulty stages, but each cave has a recommended level and player count. After choosing a stage, players can either join an Expedition or create one.

When joining a stage, a list of public Expeditions are shown, and there is also the option to select Quick Join, which puts the player in a random Expedition that still has space available. When creating an Expedition, the host sets the title, and whether or not the run is Private or have a chat room. The host of the Custom Run has the power to change all of the settings as long as the run has not started, and they can ban players, removing them and preventing them from joining that run again. If the host leaves, a random player is chosen to be the new host. They can also set the limit of Trophies required for the player to join the run, but would cost 200 to set so.

After joining or creating an Expedition, players are placed in a lobby, where they can see the other players. The Expedition can be started by the host if it has the recommended number of players in it. If any Cookies, Pets or Treasures are set to free choice, players can change their combi at any time until the run begins. In the lobby, players can communicate using emotes, mostly identical to Friendly Run’s menu emotes. Players can only leave a lobby by tapping the Exit button, and can interact with other modes and menus while still keeping their place in the lobby. Repeatedly leaving lobbies without playing in a short time results in a small cooldown before you can join one again.

Expeditions can have up to eight runners. If space is available, players can tap empty spaces to invite friends or guildmates, or copy the Expedition ID and share it via social media. Other players can then enter the Expedition ID from the menu and join the lobby. If a run is set to Private, invites and the Expedition ID are the only way to join. Once at least the required number of players are there, the run can be started.

Spelunking Expeditions is a special Event game mode in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, added on September 28th, 2020 to coincide with the release of Melon Bun Cookie. This mode allows players to run with a group of players to defeat monsters. All players in an Expedition join and run on the same stage…

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak




Release Date

S1: October 27, 2016 (Worldwide ETA except China) [1]
S2: September 1, 2017
S3-1: April 28, 2018
S3-2: July 27, 2018
S3-3: September 28, 2018
S4: July 29, 2019
S5: July 27, 2020



While Cookie Run: OvenBreak retains most attributes from the previous Cookie Run, including the side-scrolling arcade gameplay and much of the graphics, it significantly changes the scoring and leaderboard system, while also introducing brand new Cookies, Pets, and Treasures. It includes mechanics not previously implemented in LINE Cookie Run and Kakao Cookie Run, such as a Champions League, Guilds, and a Breakout Mode.


  • 1 Differences from Cookie Run
  • 2 Cookies
  • 3 Pets
  • 4 Treasures
  • 5 Game Modes
    • 5.1 Trophy Race
    • 5.2 Breakout Mode
    • 5.3 Cookie Trials
    • 5.4 Champions League
    • 5.5 Island of Memories
    • 5.6 Guilds and Guild Runs
    • 5.7 Event Game Modes
      • 5.7.1 Grand Champions League
      • 5.7.2 Friendly Run
      • 5.7.3 Custom Runs
      • 5.7.4 1vs1 Race
  • 6 Events
  • 7 Major Updates
  • 8 References

Differences from Cookie Run [ edit | edit source ]

Cookies [ edit | edit source ]

Cookies are the main playable characters, each with unique theming and skills. They are the runners who must dodge obstacles and pits and collect Jellies. The majority of LINE Cookies returned to this installment, with new Cookies introduced alongside. Either one or two Cookies are released each month, and older Cookies are often buffed with Costumes, Magic Candy, or simple statistic improvements. Cookies are classified into five rarities.

Common Cookies are weak Cookies that are easy to obtain, all being unlocked from the start. Many copies of them are needed to fully upgrade them, as they can reach up to level 25. There are only four Common Cookies, all from previous games- GingerBrave, GingerBright, Strawberry Cookie, and Skater Cookie.

Rare Cookies are available from every kind of Chest in the Gacha, so they are naturally collected in large amounts. They can be a maximum level of 20. Some Rare Cookies can be surprisingly useful, as they receive Magic Candy and other upgrades, sometimes overshadowing even Epic Cookies. There are 17 Rare Cookies, with only one brand new one, Pilot Cookie.

Epic Cookies are the most numerous rarity of Cookie, as most newly added Cookies are Epic. They tend to be strong, but the large amount of them means there is a lot of variation in their power. The main way of collecting Epic Cookies is by spending Crystals on Special Cookie Chests and Supreme Cookie Chests, or using Spirit Potions on them. Epic Cookies can reach a maximum level of 15, and the amount of them is constantly increasing.

Legendary Cookies are a small group of powerful and flashy Cookies that are not easy to accumulate. They only appear in Gacha chests with a 1% chance, and Spirit Potions cannot be used on them. Legendary Cookies are received from other shops, including the Breakout Shop, Guild Shop, and Medal Exchange, or as Breakout Rewards. Because of the difficulty in collecting them, Legendary Cookies have a maximum level of 5. Some Legendary Cookies have a Legendary Combi Pet, while others have an Epic Combi Pet, or no Combi Pet at all.

Special Cookies are promotional Cookies that are available during Events, and are very difficult to obtain without spending real money. There have been only three Special Cookies- Hello Kitty and Mimmy promoting Sanrio, and Cookiedroid promoting the Google Play Store. Special Cookies can be up to level 15 like Epic Cookies, but require less copies in total.

Pets [ edit | edit source ]

Cookies are always accompanied by a Pet, which provide support abilities, use Magnet Jellies, and carry the Cookie to Bonus Time. All non-Legendary Cookies have a special Combi Pet, which provides a bonus when the Cookie and Pet run together. Unlike LINE, there are no Cookies with multiple associated Pets, and the only Pets without a Combi are Legendary. The majority of LINE Pets returned to this installment, with new Pets introduced alongside. Pets come in the exact same Rarities as Cookies, and are obtained in similar ways, only available from Pet Eggs instead of Cookie Chests.

Treasures [ edit | edit source ]

Treasures are equippable items that provide special effects. The most common effect is to create unique, high-scoring Jellies, but other effects are available. Up to three Treasures can be equipped at the same time. Treasures are leveled up by receiving multiple copies of the same Treasure, and there are far fewer Treasures in OvenBreak than in LINE. There are no Draw Seasons or limited Treasure spaces, and Treasures can’t be sold or extracted. The maximum level for Treasures is 12, and level 12 Treasures can be enhanced for additional effects. Most Treasures are Rare or Epic. Unlike Cookies and Pets, no Common or Legendary Treasures exist, but there are POWER+ Treasures (since expired) and Special Treasures.

Game Modes [ edit | edit source ]

Trophy Race [ edit | edit source ]

Birthday Cake Cookie wins a Trophy Race and receives ten Gold Tickets.

In Trophy Race, the player can choose two Cookies: one to start with and a relay. The goal is to gain the most points whilst competing with up to nine other players within the set time limit. After the time limit expires, the players will have their scores ranked, and receive a reward based on ranking.

One of the two rewards are Gold Tickets, ten of which can be used to open a Gold Chest. The player in first in a Trophy Race receives ten tickets, and lower ranked players receive less. The second of the rewards are Trophies, which can be obtained or lost based on how well the player scores. The amount of Trophies a player has determines which Land the player can participate in. Reaching higher Lands unlocks new Cookies and Pets, and collecting enough Trophies in the final Land unlocks the Champions League.

Breakout Mode [ edit | edit source ]

Hero Cookie runs in the first stage of Escape from the Oven.

In the Breakout Mode, players relay run with a limited number of Cookies in three different episodes. The number of Cookies allowed varies from only three in Black Sugar Pirate Ship and The City of Wizards, to 12 in Escape from the Oven. Breakout episodes occasionally rotate, usually at the start of a new season or event. Each Cookie, Pet and Treasure can only be used once. Participants receive a weekly reward according to their best score, which includes Legendary Cookies or Pets at high enough scores. Legendary Cookies and Pets can also be bought at the Breakout Shop with Light Spheres, a currency collected in Breakout Mode.

Cookie Trials [ edit | edit source ]

In Cookie Trials, you can play specially-designed levels for a specific Cookie and Pet. Cookie Trials disable Magic Candy Blessings, Escape Level, Cookie Cheer Squads, and Affection effects, putting players on more equal footing. Each trial has a total of 16 ranks that can be reached by getting a certain amount of points, and 25 bonus missions that can be completed to gain rewards. For a month after the beginning of a Trial, there is a New Cookie Cup, with further rewards for each rank and a final reward of Crystals and Spirit Potions for players who reached Diamond Rank, based on how well they scored compared to others. Since Cherry Blossom Cookie’s release, every new Cookie released also gets a new Trial.

Champions League [ edit | edit source ]

In the Champions League, champions compete in three different stages using a limited amount of Cookies and Pets. The three stages change from season to season, with each season lasting two weeks. The total scores for the three arenas will be combined to be ranked globally. Getting a top score globally will lead to more valuable rewards, including a profile frame and commemorative statue. All players can pay tribute to statues of the top 3 scorers daily to get small rewards in the Hall of Fame. To qualify into the Champions League, a player needs at least 10,000 trophies earned from Trophy Race.

Island of Memories [ edit | edit source ]

The Island of Memories is a set of 3 islands, each with 50 stages. Each island corresponds to a certain Cookie (Hero Cookie, Cheerleader Cookie, and an island shared by Dr. Wasabi Cookie and Mustard Cookie). Each level has 3 stars to earn by completing different objectives. Each island also has a different boss, focusing on unique mechanics not seen in any other mode. Rewards can be earned by reaching certain amounts of stars in each island. Special Boosts can be used to make the stages easier. Like the Special Episodes of LINE Cookie Run, Winding Keys are spent to play on the Island. They recharge over time to a maximum of ten, and can be crafted.

Guilds and Guild Runs [ edit | edit source ]

The Guild Run Arena board during Season 1.

Joining a Guild allows players to socialize and cooperate with other players in the Guild, compete with other Guilds in Guild Runs, and earn unique rewards from Exploration Quests and the Guild Shop. The creator of a Guild is the Guild Leader and can start Guild Runs, cook meals in the Guild Kitchen, kick players from the Guild, and promote other players to Guild Officers to allow them to do the same.

Guild Runs are competitions between four Guilds, where members of a Guild all run in up to four randomly selected Arenas, and their combined high scores compared to the other Guilds determines the winner. Running in Guild Runs gives a player a Seasonal Reward of Guild Coins, Coins, and Crystals, and winning Guild Runs awards Guild Coins and causes the Guild to rank up to receive better rewards. Each Guild Run Season lasts for two months. The current season determines the Season Items in the Guild Shop and the available Arenas, as well as any additional Season Rules and Recipes.

Event Game Modes [ edit | edit source ]

Grand Champions League [ edit | edit source ]

The highest level of competition is the Grand Champions League, only accessible to those who received an invitation by scoring in the top 10% in the Champions League. It works similarly to the Champions League, but with only one Arena playable at a time. Only a certain amount of players can advance on to the next Round, and after a month, a single player is crowned Grand Champion. Advancing far enough rewards Crystals, Titles, and some special Costumes, as well as a special Puzzle Key, used in the Curious Rainbow Mine. Players who are not running can practice the Arenas and Cheer for other players, receiving rewards if their chosen Champion wins the current Round.

Friendly Run [ edit | edit source ]

The Friendly Run lobby.

Friendly Run is a limited time mode where two players can do a live run together and cooperate to collect Pirate Coins and gain points. Cookie skills are disabled, but certain Cookie combos can give bonus effects, such as GingerBrave with GingerBright providing extra health. Friendship missions can be completed to gain rewards. Because collecting Coins in Friendly Run is easy, a maximum amount of Coins can be earned per day.

Custom Runs [ edit | edit source ]

An empty Custom Run lobby.

Custom Runs is a limited time mode that allows players to customize a match and choose the map and combi for the run. Other players can then join and run with the same settings and try to get the best score in the time allotted, similar to Trophy Race. The Cookies, Pets, and Treasures may be specifically set, randomized, or be chosen by each competitor. Custom Runs can be public or private, and can have a custom title.

1vs1 Race [ edit | edit source ]

A 1vs1 Race start screen, on Pumpkin Land of Fear

1vs1 Race was a mode included in the global launch, that was later removed and replaced by Friendly Run. In 1vs1 Races, you would compete against a friend for the highest score on a chosen Land, including the exclusive Land Monstrous Flower Garden. The person with the highest score would win and take the loser’s Coins that had been acquired in their 1vs1 race attempt. After five victories, a special Chest could be opened.

"Cookie Run 2" redirects here. Not to be confused with OvenBreak, a 2009 game by the same developer. Cookie Run: OvenBreak (often shortened as CROB) is a game created by Devsisters, released on 26 September 2016 in Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia, with a pre… ]]>