club keno locations

Club keno locations

Order now to receive one set of numbers for each week, so you will receive 26 sets of numbers for 6 months or 52 sets for one year. Use each set of numbers for the entire week.

Club Keno “To Go” is all of the fun and excitement of Club Keno, but played in the comfort of your own home! With Club Keno “To Go” you can take your ticket with you and watch the drawings any time that you choose. The fun never ends!

To play, visit any Michigan Lottery retailer, including gas stations and convenience stores, to pick up a Club Keno “To Go” ticket – wager cost starts at $1.

Watch the Drawings 7 days a week from 6 AM until 2 AM.

The Michigan Lottery will draw 20 numbers from the pool of 80 for each drawing. Match your numbers against the 20 numbers selected by the Lottery to determine your winnings!

How to Play

The easiest way to play Club Keno is simply by asking your retailer for a $5 or $10 Easy Pick. You’ll get a 4-spot Club Keno ticket that is good for 5 or 10 consecutive drawings. Or you may obtain a Club Keno playslip and complete it by following the instructions below.

Choose The Jack (optional)

Play The Jack by checking the “YES” box in Section 1 of your playslip for $1 extra per draw. 8 EASY PICK numbers will be printed at the bottom of your ticket. These are your Jack numbers. Jackpot starts at $10,000 and increases as tickets are sold until someone wins. Cash prizes are awarded for matching 4, 5, 6, or 7 of your Jack numbers to the 20 Club Keno numbers drawn. When you match all 8 of your Jack numbers to the 20 Club Keno numbers drawn you win the progressive jackpot prize amount!

Choose The Kicker (optional)

Play the Kicker for a chance to multiply your winnings! Right before every Club Keno drawing, a wheel spin (on the monitor) will randomly select the Kicker number of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. If you win a prize on your Club Keno ticket, and you have purchased the Kicker option, your prize amount will be multiplied by the Kicker number that was selected. Selecting the Kicker option will double the cost of your wager.

Choose Your Spots

Choose how many numbers (spots) you want to play per drawing. You can pick 1 to 10 numbers and this has no impact to your wager cost. The amount of numbers you pick determines the prize table that you are playing for. For example, if you choose 4 numbers then you will be eligible for the 4-Spot Game prize table with a top prize of $72.00

Choose Your Wager

Select how much you want to wager for each drawing: $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00.

Choose How Many Consecutive Draws

Decide how many consecutive drawings you want to play, from 1 to 60. Your cost will equal the amount wagered, times the number of consecutive draws.

Choose Your Numbers

Choose your numbers from 1 to 80 or select EASY PICK and let the computer randomly select numbers for you. The amount of numbers you choose must equal the number of spots you chose to play.

Purchase Your Ticket

Present your completed playslip to your Club Keno retailer. You will receive a ticket that lists all of the information you filled out on the playslip. The ticket also indicates the draw number(s) for which your wager is eligible. This number corresponds to the drawing number displayed next to the winning numbers on the Club Keno closed-circuit television monitor in the bar or restaurant.

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Where to Play KENO®

Where can I play KENO®?

You’ll find KENO® in many of your favorite social gathering spots —restaurants, bars and taverns— and in some of your Lottery Retail locations.

KENO® launched January 22.

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Where to Play KENO® Where can I play KENO®? You’ll find KENO® in many of your favorite social gathering spots —restaurants, bars and taverns— and in some of your Lottery Retail locations. ]]>