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Bingo Halls in Omaha (Nebraska)

Hall Name Town Address
American Legion #112 Omaha 737 N 62nd Street 68104
Belvedere Bingo Omaha 803 Military Ave 68134-2251
Blondo Social Hall Omaha 8061 Blondo St 68134-6613
Catholic Sokol Hall Omaha 4206 South 13th Street 68107-2317
Holy Ghost School Omaha 5302 S 52nd Street 68117
Holy Name Cafeteria Bingo Omaha 41st & Grover 68104-4501
Holy Name Church Omaha 2901 Fontenelle Blvd 68104
Holy Name Hartman Hall Omaha 5739 N 60th St 68104-1139
Mueller Recreation Hall Omaha 5716 S 36th St 68107-3230
S Rose Church of Omaha Omaha 4102 S 13th Street 68107
St Nicholas Serbian Church Omaha 5050 Harrison St 68117
St Patricks Church Omaha 2311 South 15th St 68108-1038
St Peters Social Hall Omaha 723 S 27th St 68105-2377
Sts Peter & Paul Church Omaha 5904 S 36th Street 68107-3232

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Nebraska Bingo

Think you know Nebraska? I’ve explored the state from Fort Robinson State Park in western Nebraska to Indian Cave State Park in southeastern Nebraska, and I’ve decided that there’s so much more I’ve yet to see. With the idea that we should get out and explore more, I’ve created this Nebraska Bingo playing card.

I don’t have a Bingo on this card, yet, but it’s going to be my guide for exploring Nebraska from this point on.

Start Planning

There are a few on the list I have written about, so if you want to get some inspiration in order to complete a row in Nebraska Bingo, check out these posts:

Smith Falls – Read about canoeing the Niobrara River, which passes through Smith Falls State Park

Nebraska’s own Badlands, AKA Toadstool Geological Park.

Toadstool Geological Park – An interesting stop during a western Nebraska and South Dakota road trip

Omaha Children’s Museum – I wrote this post about the perks of a family membership long before I started working at the museum, but it still stands. This museum is best for kids ages 8 and younger.

Indian Cave State Park – This scenic park is known for its trails. There is a cave, but it’s not the kind of cave you’re thinking.

Don’t miss the blacksmith during the re-enactment weekends at Fort Atkinson, located in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. He may even make a little souvenir for your kid.

Fort Atkinson – The best time to visit is during the historical re-enactments. They’re held the first Saturday and Sunday of the month, May through October.

Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium – There are more detailed posts about recently opened exhibits like Asian Highlands and African Grasslands.

When we went to Fort Robinson, the kids weren’t old enough for trail rides, so we settled for a stagecoach ride.

Fort Robinson State Park – This is a one-of-a-kind state park in Nebraska. You won’t find anything like it, with it’s jeep rides, stagecoach rides, trail rides, and unique buildings.

With any luck, I’ll add to this list in the next year or two! I’d love to hear where all you’ve been and if you can yell “BINGO” on the Nebraska Bingo card. Leave a comment!

With any luck, I’ll add to this list in the next year or two! I’d love to hear where all you’ve been and if you can yell “BINGO” on the Nebraska Bingo card. Leave a comment!

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Nebraska Bingo is a Bingo game card featuring Nebraska landmarks, state parks, and uniquely Nebraskan experiences. Get five in a row to win.