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Look inside an award-winning tiny home in the Netherlands that takes minimalism to a whole other level

Architecture website Dezeen hosts annual awards to celebrate the world’s most impressive buildings. The 2019 winners were announced in October.

The contest contains three larger categories — architecture, interiors, and design — with subcategories underneath. There’s a total of 37 award winners.

Leading architects and designers judge the nominated buildings based on beauty, how beneficial the space is for users, and sustainability. The 2019 awards are the second annual contest hosted by Dezeen.

“Tiny Holiday Home,” designed by the Netherlands firm i29 in collaboration with Chris Collaris, won House Interior of the Year for the 2019 awards. The home was made to look like a minimalist sculpture.

The house sits just outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the judges awarded it the top prize because of its “clever use of space” and sustainable materials. The home is just under 600 square feet, according to Dezeen.

Four separate concrete blocks of different sizes connect through a porch, creating the cohesive space.

The founding designers of i29 Jeroen Dellensen & Jaspar Jansen told Insider that the blocks are separated by function. There is a block for an entrance space, one for kitchen and dining, one for general living, and another for sleeping.

The bedroom block is the largest and spans two stories according to Dezeen.

“The smart arrangement of functions make use of every square centimeter,” Dellensen and Jansen told Insider.

The kitchen and living room are in the middle of the house, made of two blocks that each feature sliding doors with access to a patio and garden. The doors highlight the contrast between the structure and the surroundings.

But the different functions aren’t visible from the exterior. “On the outside, the diversity in size and the interconnected positioning create a sculptural image, looking different from every angle,” Dellensen and Jansen said.

The designers said the concept of a house that looked like a minimalist home appealed to them because they “like to provoke a bit and contrast different elements to provide energy in every new location.”

“The building stands out to its surroundings, which makes it at one hand a landmark and recognizable object,” said Dellensen and Jansen. “At the same time, the facade is built completely in natural materials (wood) and therefore blends in naturally.”

Although the contrast is dramatic, the designers think it’s actually representative of the myriad hues we see in nature.

“In nature itself, you also see many contrasts in color. so why not use this in man-made additions?” the designers said.

The sculptural appearance comes through in that the house looks different from every angle, giving visitors a new experience as they wander in and out of the home. The house also has invisible roof overhangs, which makes it look more like a piece of art than a home.

The designers used concrete floors throughout the house that continues to the exterior porch, making the space feel connected.

“In every detail, we aimed for the ultimate space-efficient solution,” Dellensen and Jansen said of the small home. Despite its size, the house features a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, one full bathroom, one half bath, and a patio space.

Built-in cabinetry made of sustainable wood, large windows that create natural light, and solar panels make the space eco-friendly as well.

i29 kept the house as minimal as possible, painting the walls white. You can also see the cabinets have no visible handles, keeping the space clean to the eye.

The design team also created custom furniture for the home according to Dezeen, which made the house look even more unified.

A family of four uses the space as their vacation home.

The designers think of it as the “model example of a tiny house.”

“With simple yet smart interventions, this project is of the highest standard and at the same time energy efficient, eco-friendly, and built with a small footprint,” Dellensen and Jansen said.

They designed a home that meets the needs of the residents and embraces minimalism but doesn’t make aesthetic sacrifices. “Small is beautiful,” they added.

You can see more of i29’s sustainable projects on Instagram.

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"Tiny Holiday Home" took the top prize in Dezeen's 2019 design awards in the House Interior of the Year category. ]]>