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Amvets BINGO

Due to the extension of the stay home order we will remain closed until Tuesday may 5th 2020. Please call or check Facebook for any updates. We thank you for your continuing support and concern. Remember stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

Amvets BINGO

Do to the circumstances amvets bingo will remain closed until Thursday April 9th. We thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and stay healthy. We will see you all very soon, get them daubers ready. 🙂 ( continue to check facebook for any updates)

Amvets BINGO, Такома. Отметки "Нравится": 249. Место для игры в бинго

Amvets Bingo in Suffolk (New York)

141 Carleton Ave

New York 11730-1801

(631) 581-6913

Opening Hours:
Bingo-Mon-6:45 Tue-7:15 Thu-7:30 Sun-5:45

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